Crucial bridge between Shokhuyvi & Pimla inaugurated

The newly inaugurated bridge between Shokhuvi and Pimla.

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 16 (MExN): The long awaited and anticipated project connecting 3 districts, Peren, Dimapur and Chumoukedima has now turned into a reality. 

The T-BEAM RCV Grinder bridge over Balu Ghoki River between Shokhuvi-Pimla village which serves as a lifeline for around 50 villages, connecting thousands of people was inaugurated today by Nagaland PHED Minister, Jacob Zhimomi. The bridge was indispensible for the villages both for commercial/business purpose as well as for administrative purpose. 

A statement from the Press Secretary of the Minister informed that Zhimomi appealed to all the concerned citizens to take it as an individual responsibility in taking care of and maintaining the bridge. Measures such as closing down sand mining around the bridge area would guarantee its longevity, he stated. The Minister said that in the past, the completion of the bridge was delayed due to inefficient workmanship. 

Due to this, the Minister personally took it upon himself to see to it that the bridge was completed, and along with the co-operation from the concerned department and engineers the bridge now stands ready serving as a connection and an asset for thousands of civilians which will provide various business venture and financial stability. 

The bridge will also greatly save the travelers’ hours of journey, Zhimomi said, while conveying his gratitude to those individuals who carried this long term burden as their own in making this project a success despite various unavoidable hindrances due to COVID and the monsoon season.

An asset has been built for the villagers connecting 3 districts, he stated. The Minister reminded that now, it is the responsibility of the villagers to build bridges with one another connecting economically, physically and developing a sense of oneness among Naga brothers and sisters.