Dy Kilonser clarifies on assault charge

Dimapur, March 12 (MExN): In response to the allegations leveled by the Nihoto Village Council (NVC) against “deputy home kilonser” of the GPRN/NSCN wherein it was stated that the Head GB P Viyiho had been assaulted besides threatening to take the life of the village leader, Hokato, the Deputy Kilonser has maintained that there was no question of threat and assault. A rejoinder issued by Hokato clarified that it was P. Viyiho who ‘provoked and challenged”. It was also alleged that Viyiho had been “encroaching” on his land and therefore stated that it would have been “wise” on the part of the Nihoto Village Council or communities “not to get involved without knowing the truth or reality”. Hokato also maintained that the land in question falls under Diphupar jurisdiction and not under NVC.
Hokato has also asked the NVC and also the Head GB P. Viyiho not to drag or use the name of the “reputed” GPRN/NSCN government “in such a petty issue”. He stated that the government was in any way involved. “I also clarify and declare to the Naga people, communities and my reputed government that I am no guilty at all by any means in this issue”, it stated. He also informed the NVC and the Head GB that he was not a “man or leader to get involved in such a petty issue which is not proper or legal”. He also alleged that his land was encroached upon by Viyiho before any proper demarcation order and settlement could be arrived at between the two parties.
While assuring that if Viyiho and party wanted to settle things through understanding and legally, he was agreeable. “I also assured that if Mr P. Vihiyo and party wants to settle thing through understanding means and legally, I am agreed but if so desire to go for any further through legal means I am ever ready because of what Mr P. Viyiho being wrong tarnishing the image and assassinating my reputation and infringe my political future career”, Hokato stated.
The rejoinder also requested and informed the Naga community especially the GPRN/NSCN and Dimapur district administration that “individual or communities are digging the sand gravels which would jeopardize the land areas that fall near Nagaland Airport” and pointed out that this should be a matter of concern and be restricted at the earliest.