From non-issue to an issue and vice-versa by Holy Land Tour Team of Naga Council of Dimapur

The statement issued in response to an article written by Mr. Thepfulhouvi Solo (T. Solo) “Where is good Naga conscience” by two members on behalf of 30-member Naga Council Holy Land Tour Team is found to be very amusing. The interesting contention is, one party was sharing his views and observation to sensitize the conscience of the Nagas while the other party, instead of clarifying misuse of its official position into personal and non-official purpose and contesting with the State Government in its (NDC) unauthorized collection of commission came out with thunders of irrelevant points to tarnish the image of the first party.

Many may or may not agree with me that although we usually called ourselves educated and civilized society; members of various groups/organization, be it church, Government, National and Civil societies act contrary to what they profess. There are leaders and officers who are self made, self appointed, self elected and self selected through this or that means. Law makers become law breakers. Our leaders are more of autocratic, dictatorship and despotic control over their subjects. Before taking over the office our leaders took oath in the name of God that they would act without fear and favour but abuse of power and position, favoritism and nepotism are order of the day in our State. Although there are good people in our society many of our people are physically, morally, financially, materially and spiritually corrupted. Is it not ashamed to call ourselves Christian arrogantly when killings, repressive, intimidation, corruption, favoritism, nepotism, abuse of power and position are day-to-day affair? It is high time our hypocritic society introspect our moral value and conscience. 

At times, certain issues which Mr. T. Solo writes the articles according to his personal views/observations are not liked by certain people and some are prejudice critics of his articles, but there are, still many, admire him and anxiously expecting his articles as they are thought provocating, educative and most of all, factual points of hypocritic society like ours. In this present civilized world of one global village it is important to be tolerant, accommodative in constructive criticism and avoid fanaticism. It is very unfortunate that the two members on behalf of 30-members Naga Council Holy Land Tour team issuing a statement diverting the public attention from non-issue to an issue and from issue to a non-issue; apparently, out of frustration and face saving of their misdeed. More unfortunate point is; it is not expected that responsible members from important responsible body using each and every sentence in an irresponsible unparliamentary language to divert issue to non-issue and vice-versa. The maturity and caliber of the leaders can be measured from the content of the statement. History will record who is who and what is what.

Perhaps, Mr. T. Solo, a man of integrity may not be cornered or intimidated by the statement of Naga Council of Dimapur. Many responsible Nagas are aware of what had happened, is happening or will happen in the society remain a mute spectator but it is Mr. T. Solo, who speaks/writes the naked truth to activate the silent grumbling mind of the Nagas. Mr. Thepfulhouvi Solo deserves applause for his bold stand in telling the truth.