‘‘GPRN/NSCN’ remembers Isak Swu in prayer’

Dimapur, December 28 (MExN): In a significant and welcome gesture, the ‘council of Nagaland churches’ of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland, Khehoi, held a special prayer for Isak Chishi Swu on his “fifty years in the national service”, during the outfit’s Sunday mass held today. “Recognizing that Naga national struggle is based on the slogan ‘Nagaland for Christ’ and as followers of Christ, the council of Nagaland churches (CNC), GPRN/NSCN held a special prayer for Isak Chishi Swu on reaching fifty years in the national service during its Sunday mass on Sunday”, informed a note issued by the publicity cell.

According to the note, the “congregation” sought ‘God’s intervention’ in the lives of all Naga “national leaders”, for courage and wisdom to ‘see themselves as instruments of peace and reconciliation’. “Only Almighty God can release the Nagas from the bondage of creed, nepotism, tribalism, and disunity. He is the creator of Naga homeland and the idea of Naga nationhood first originated from him therefore it is best to return to the author of Naga history because all else has failed miserably”, the note explained. Pointing out that the “greatest necessity at the present hour is for all Naga leaders, both national workers and overground, to redefine the idea of ‘national principle’”, the outfit said, that to overcome the present turmoil in the land, “Christian principles must be given precedence over national principle”. 

“An abstract philosophy resultant of a tragic idea at a particular stage of Naga struggle cannot be regarded as a national principle today. A principle that is upheld through violence and confrontational policies, pitting one tribe against another tribe or community is not viable for Nagas anymore”, the note stated.

“Reconciliation and Unity among the Nagas must be the preface to national principle if it exists” and that “it must encompass all Nagas irrespective of factions or regions for a transparent approach towards the core issue”.

Accordingly this can only “push the Nagas towards reclaiming their political and historical rights”, it stated. The organization further pointed out that “reconciliation and unity is basically the last and only option left before the Naga to fulfill their political destiny”. If the Naga people, the note stated, still believe that a unilateral effort by one Naga group can force the Government of India to act and solve the vexed Indo-Naga political issue, either the general Naga political reasoning has reached its lowest ebb or a single group has succeeded in confusing the Naga people by repeating the same lie “seventy times to make it sound like the truth”. ‘One truth is unmistakable though; both GOI and IM are fooling the Nagas’, it added.