Grief for the young at parents’ funeral

Dimapur, Sept 10 (MExN): A funeral service was held today at the NSCN-IM GHQ church for the four NSCN-IM functionaries, and the wife of one of them killed yesterday September 9.  In the condolence meeting, NSCN-IM Ato Kilonser Th. Muivah choked with emotion and tears said “May God be the judge between us and the murderers,” an MIP note stated. 

Though unable to come to terms that “Major” Stone, one of the ablest chaplains in recent past has to depart under such despicable act at the hands of adversaries, Muivah said “This is the irony of life but soldiers of Nagalim for Christ will not fear any kind of death.”

The MIP note quoted him: “What a way to kill a mother of four children! Her brain was opened after she was shot in the head. Imagine the last moment of her life at that particular point of time. Naturally, her children to be left behind orphan must have played the most daunting task on her and the premonition of the impeding death must have finally shattered her hope of seeing her beloved children alive till they meet again in heaven. Imagine, for a mother to say this last prayer!” 

“Major Stone, a chaplain with outstanding administrative acumen he must have felt no less for his dearest ones. And at the last moment he must have said a prayer ‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing” it stated.

The note stated that for their children, the last call on the mobile phone from their beloved parents was at around 3:00 pm on that fateful day just after crossing Kohima. “We shall be joining you for dinner” was what the parents informed. “Dinner will never be the same again and the seats at the dinning table will remain vacant forever” the MIP mourned.

“In the land of ‘Nagalim for Christ’ the vile practice of killing an unarmed NSCN members and a woman, a mother of four young children and even going to the extend of taking sadistic pleasure in killing her has sent shock waves throughout” the NSCN-IM stated expressing deep grief. “But to dishonor a woman in such sadistic manner brings no victory and to kill a servant of God only invites the wrath of God, and it brings no victory either” It added.