Hip Hop Christian album ‘Déjà vu…for Christ’ launched

(Right to left) Editor of The Letter Age Joel Nillo Kath officially launches ‘Déjà vu for Christ’, the debut album of 22-year-old Imlinochet at Sinai Café, Dimapur on February 17. (Morung Photo)
Twenty-two-year-old, Imlinochet (Inkj Dejavu) released his debut album entitled ‘Déjà vu…for Christ’ on February 17, 2011 at Sinai Café, Dimapur. The album is primarily hip hop Christian music, which also features 2010 Naga Idol participants Livika Swu, Ayala Jamir and other artists like Aleno Sumi, and Moa L. Jamir. The album was dedicated by Joel Nillo Kath (Editor of The Letter Age).  
Expounding on the album title ‘Déjà vu for Christ’ Imlinochet shared that it reflects his state of mind. “I do music, not for the ladies, money, or myself but for the Lord,” he declared. The rapper also felt that an artist can perform any genre of music, unlikely genres like hip hop or music- as long as one does it for the Lord.
Perhaps the best compliment- “There are not many Naga hip hop artists who can rap like Imli. He sounds natural and original,” was what Tali Angh had to say on Imlinochet’s album. Music professional and judge at many music shows, Tali also shared that when asked to review on the album, and because hip-hop is not exactly his forte, he was apprehensive. “However, the Rapping is awesome and his songs have original flavors and I’m very, very impressed. It is a very good effort and it will go a long way,” Tali said, who also labeled the album genre as ‘hip-hop soul’.
To the crowd at the Sinai Café he advised that if one compares the album to international sounds, it might not be the best but Imlinochet has given his best. “While first impressions are important, it’s important to listen to an album multiple times. To really capture the richness of the songs, you really have to be ‘involved’ Tali said. While also reiterating the fact that artists and Nagas should encourage one another, Tali opined “This rapper has lots to give…to receive the complete package, first buy the album and then tell your friends about it.” On the album overall, Tali felt that Imlinochet’s songs are good for our souls, with mature lyrics and strong messages… which can only be had after a true encounter with the creator, and added, “hence it is real”.