Imnainla Jamir announces Kolkata dates as part of Bloom World Tour

Schedules to perform in Netherlands, Bangladesh, Nepal, Romania and Thailand soon

Kohima, April 18 (MExN): As part of her Bloom World Tour, Imnainla Jamir, the young and talented electric guitarist from Nagaland is set to perform in national and international platforms. 

“As part of my Bloom World Tour - Kolkata leg, I will be performing with the legendary Pradip Chatterjee of Mohiner Ghoraguli & Urban Lore at @SomeplaceElse  on 21st April x #EarthDayConcert being hosted by Alliance Française Du Bengale on 22nd April. Pls do join us,” the artist posted on her X account on Friday. 

Imnainla became a popular name with the youth of this country ever since her performance of the Indian national anthem at Hornbill Music Festival 2022. 

She is now working on her own album called BLOOM which is about her journey to her roots and a modern woman and discovering the arts and culture of this world. Hence, her world tour is called BLOOM World Tour. This is journey of a young girl from Ungma village in Mokokchung district of Nagaland, who is a self-taught guitarist and now she is taking the message of Masterpeace COOLeaders and the rich culture of Nagaland, around the world through her music.

She will be in Kolkata as an artistic collaborator of Culture Monks. In Kolkata, she will be performing at two venues. One will be on April 22 at Alliance Française du Bengale, Park Mansion, Park Street, Kolkata and the other on April 21 at Someplace Else, The Park, Kolkata.

Bloom Tour Kolkata leg will see the coming together of Imnainla and an iconic Bengali rock band & a tribute to Gautam Chattopadhyay. She will also be performing her version of a popular Bengali song by the iconic Bengali rock group called Mohineer Ghoraguli along with with Pradip Chatterjee (founding member of the iconic Bengali rock band called Mohiner Ghoraguli) and Urban Lore.

The Bloom tour host, Culture Monks is also planning to produce a music video featuring Imnainla Jamir which will be a tribute to Gautam Chattopadhyay – the founder of Mohiner Ghoraguli.

Imnainla Jamir is now embarking on a World Tour which is called the BLOOM World Tour. She is going to perform extensively in India.

Next month she is going to Netherlands. In June, she is scheduled to perform at Bangladesh and Nepal. She is also due to perform in Romania and Thailand soon.

Imnainla’s message as a Masterpeace COOLeaders Global Ambassador is that each one of us should take the leadership role in solving the issues facing the climate and society. Every small step goes a long way to make this world a better place for all of us. MasterPeace CooLeaders, for which Imnainla is the Global Ambassador is an NGO headquartered in Netherlands with clubs all over the world.

The Masterpeace COOLeaders program is about reaching to everyone in this world, especially the youth, for the development of non toxic, non - violent leadership, with particular focus on climate and social issues. The Masterpeace way is change making through dialogue, co-creation and creating new perspectives and we use arts and sports to mobilize and maximise our impact.