India must stop proxy war: FGN

DIMAPUR, SEPT 6 (MExN): In the backdrop of a programme to commemorate the 43rd Anniversary of the Indo-Naga ceasefire (1964-2007), the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) while assuring the Naga people peace and tranquility has demanded that India stop its proxy war in Nagaland. In a speech delivered by Lhouvitsu, Speaker Tatar Hoho, the FGN recalled that after the Indo-Naga Ceasefire Agreement of September 6, 1964, India had violated and unilaterally abrogated the ceasefire agreement in 1972 and had resumed their oppressive activities in Nagaland with more ferocity. The FGN however stated that Nagas faced India’s salvo with coolness and maturity. The FGN also pointed out that there were ‘matters’ between the two nations which required to be addressed with promptness and without delay. “India is seemingly unprepared to openly face the undeniable truth that their illegal and forced occupation in Nagaland must end. But the truth must prevail sooner or later, though ugly if not honorably”, the FGN stated.

Pointing out that September 6 was a landmark in Naga national history, the FGN called for rededicating the resolve towards peace and honoring the commitments made by its leaders and also assured that the FGN would continue to honor and uphold their commitment. The FGN Speaker also called upon India to honour peace and non-violence in truth and to give rational consideration towards ending the conflict between the Naga nation and India.

The FGN also put on record its appreciation of those who had enabled the signing of the ceasefire in 1964 and mentioned the names of Late Rev Michael Scot, Late Jaya Prakash Narayan, Late Bimala Prasad Chaliha, Late Rev Longri Ao, Late Rev Kenneth Kerhuo all from the Nagaland Peace Mission.

The FGN called on all sections of the people to abide by the Naga tradition and to respect the value of living as a people. “As believers having fear in God, if we work together we can achieve our goal much sooner. And our goal is ‘Urra U Vie’ our land belongs to us”, the FGN stated.