LH Dimapur alleges disparities in distribution of constituency seats

Dimapur, July 7 (MExN): Contending that there are disparities in distribution of constituency seats in the districts of Nagaland, the Lotha Hoho (LH) Dimapur has come out in support of the delimitation exercise in the state.

LH Dimapur, General Secretary, W Rainbow Ngullie and Chairman YL Jami issued a statement on Tuesday saying that “there are disparities in distribution of constituency seats in the districts of Nagaland or among equal segments of population.”

It said that Nagaland is inhabited by various tribes, each having their own traditional and territorial boundaries on the basis of which the existing administrative district and assembly constituencies were largely demarcated. “However the existing disproportion ratio per population among the districts in regard to share of constituencies must be corrected and bring about impartial representation in the State Assembly,” it stated.

Stating that the delimitation exercise is constitutionally mandated under Article 82 of the Constitution and that “this exercise is not about tribe or district,” it further stated that it is constitutionally mandatory to carry out delimitation exercise after every census. 

Further, the LH Dimapur censured BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav for recommending postponement of the delimitation process in Nagaland. Terming it as an “immature statement,” the LH Dimapur contended that Madhav should rather advise the State BJP President and Chief Minister of Nagaland to honorably accept and pave way for the readjustment of seats in the Legislative Assembly in order to ensure socio-political and socio-economic equality amongst tribes who are politically and socially discriminated.

“Holding a constitutional position and enjoying all privileges, every elected representative should uphold and respect the sanctity and supremacy of the Constitution rather than opposing an exercise which is constitutionally mandated,” the LH Dimapur stated.

It said that the prevailing law and order situation with regard to unabated taxation, extortion and movement of armed cadres “has nothing to do with the proposed delimitation exercise.”

“Under the given circumstance, there is no such serious threat of peace and public tranquility in Nagaland tantamount to deferment of delimitation,” it said, while  adding that “the present situation in the State of Nagaland is favorable enough to conduct free and fair constituencies delimitation exercise peacefully and gracefully without further hindrance from any political party.”

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