Life during lockdown- Part V

Life during lockdown- Part V
Life during lockdown- Part V

A man walks past a billboard on precautionary measures on Coronavirus put up by Kohima Municipal Council along the street of Kohima. (Morung Photo)

Chizokho Vero
Kohima | April 10

The Morung Express approached the cross-section of people to gather their views and how they are spending their time during the nationwide lockdown period.

The ongoing nationwide lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy for anyone of us. However, there are things we can do to keep ourselves occupy, staying at home, activities that will keep our minds off from stress and panic, said Aleno.

Aleno looks after a Kohima based Bright Morning Star Children Home (BMSCH) as superintendent. This Home presently house 18 children.

“Despite the fact that the situation is by far the most depressing experience we are all facing, “I personally am so lucky to have 18 children at BMSCH, family and staff around to keep each other's company,” she said.

Aleno said that this Home start its day with a morning prayer.

As Christian we believe that He is the one in control of everything and in God we will all get through this dark phase.

Therefore, with faith we pray every day and not just for ourselves but also for the protection of the entire people as a whole keeping in mind Psalm number 91 which reminds us that He will protect us in times of trouble, she said.

Aleno informed that one positive thing she now witnessing in this lockdown period is that “it has brought family's together, it has made us stronger prayerful, those who hardly pray started calling out His name and that's a beautiful thing as we hardly see family's sitting and praying or spending time together on regular basis as we all get carried away with our own works and activities.”

We try to keep ourselves and surrounding clean that way we stay hygienic, she informed adding that the Home also have daily routine for play and  literary activities.

“We also take out an hour of time for exercise, some hours for studies or read any kind of books one is interested at,” she told The Morung Express. Aleno informed that the Home has stopped the normal practice of shaking hands. It also encourages the importance of maintaining social distance.

Meanwhile, she thanked various churches, police, administration, government, individuals, medical team, grocery shop etc. for doing their best in their respective capacity to keep all of us safe and protection or by providing ration to the needy, and not forgetting the media persons for always being the voice of people and for putting themselves in the frontline to keep us updated.

Her message: Obey the rules and regulations and be cooperative as the government agencies are doing for “our protection.”

Stay at Home. Pray & take precautions by abiding the instructions given to us by the authority. Please stay engaged so as to distract ourselves from thinking and worrying too much about COVID-19, she added.