Maram Union highlights vulnerable condition of NH-2

Dimapur, June 25 (MExN): The Maram Union on Thursday said that a sizeable portion of NH-2 below Maram Don Bosco College has shown cracks that may lead to sinking anytime if the present intensity of downpours continues.
The Union also observed that the drain that runs along that stretch of the highway is blocked by growing grasses and plants.

It also expressed concern about the number of goods-laden trucks that ply everyday passes through this portion, making it more vulnerable, “though implementing agency is being alerted over telephone on the grave condition of the road that possess threat not only by the potential sinking but the threat pose by the uneven portion of the road to the commuters.”

It also highlighted the blockage of drains in different portions of the highway between Maram Khongnem and Senapati by the earth mass that are brought down by land cutting above the highway in different stretches of NH-2.

The earth mass brought down has drastically reduced the width of the standard highway, the Union said, adding that it poses hardships while navigating through turns and curves of NH-2 and even in straight stretches of the road.