My Endless Love

Bambi Kevichüsa Longchari

It’s been a month now since I got married, and I must say that married life is a little different from what I imagined or expected (its better than I thought). The downside though is the fact that a married woman (or man) has no free time! (or at least I!) Everything that one takes so much for granted, for one leaves it all to mother to do it, is now upon my shoulders. It’s nice and not so nice. I guess it’s a rite of passage that everyone goes through. And maybe, a signal that the times of retardation are over and gone. And that it is time to grow up, as in my case.

In the midst of all these- busyness, spending time with my other half, sorting out my day, daily chores, housekeeping…where is God? Yes, where is God. Who is He to me? What is He to me? Before I found my man (or before we found each other), and even after that, God was my first love. And when I was about to get married, this was a thought that I struggled with- Will my relationship with the Lord change? And if it changes, how will it change? Will God relate to me differently once I’m married, and under the headship of a man? I didn’t know. All I knew was that I hoped it would change for the better.

And now I’m here, and I know that although things have changed, some things still remain the same. Like for instance, He still knocks upon the door of my heart, calling me to commune with Him in the early hours of the morning (and I’m still struggling to obey my alarm clock and not put it off); He still calls me by the name He called me all these years; He still has the same effect on me that He had, much before I fell in love and committed myself to the man that I now call my husband. To sit with Him in the morning, sharing the secrets of my heart, asking Him for His advice on how to be the woman I should  be…basking in His Love, feeling His arms around me- these are the things that have not changed, and will never change no matter how unmarried or married I could be. 

God will always be my First Love. He will always be my Soulmate; my Father and Friend; the Lover of my soul. The world will go on and on; my husband and I, hopefully, will grow into the people that God wants us to be and will continue to grow deeper in love; circumstances in life will come and go; trials and tribulation may come and go (they always go), but one thing will remain the same. God is and will always be, my Endless Love.