Naga house is burning, laments Rio

Longsa (Mokokchung Dist)| February 24 : Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today said that ‘Naga House is burning’ because of disunity among the Nagas. Speaking at the commissioning of the Tsutsung Minor Irrigation Project here today, Rio narrated the unfortunate incident on February 8, 2011 where the official Nagaland chief Minister residence was burnt down.
He said that the house was very old ‘Assam Type’ with bamboo paneling inside the plasters and it was brunt due to an electrical short circuit. Saying that all Chief Ministers of Nagaland have lived in that house, Rio regretted that the residence should have burnt down during his tenure. But he said that the residence was not ‘Rio’s house’ but ‘Naga House’ and the burning was a clear ‘warning’ that the ‘Naga House is burning’.
He said that the burning of the Chief Minister’s house indicated a clear warning that the Naga House is burning and therefore appealed for unity among the Nagas. He lamented that the Naga society be it underground or over-ground is disunited. He said that he is sad because of Naga disunity.
Taking an example of how the Nagaland Legislative Assembly members came forward to contribute to rebuild the Chief Ministers house, Rio said that what cannot be done alone can be done by the collective effort of all. In this regard, he said that if the Nagas are united then there can be ‘solution’ and ‘reconciliation’ also. ‘Naga people should unite. If we are united then we can do all work,” said Rio who spoke in Nagamese.
Meanwhile, commissioning the Tsutsung Minor Irrigation Project here today at Tsutsung River site at Longsa village, the Chief Minister underscored on the need for proper management of water resources. The Chief Minister while speaking at the function said that the ‘Year of Farmers’ is still continuing and asserted that the DAN Government topmost priority is the farmers at the villages since the Naga economy will not rise unless the village economy is raised.
He said that countries in the modern world go to wars not with weapons but through economic blockade. If a country is not self sufficient in food grains then it will be a weak country.
In this connection he said that DAN Government’s vision of Nagaland by 2020 is to be self-sufficient in production of food grains. Therefore the government is working tirelessly to increase food grain production through irrigation projects such as the Tsutsung MI Project.
Lamenting the Naga society which he termed as a ‘salary economy’ Rio said that if the Naga people are not self-sufficient then our economy will never grow.  Rio therefore urged the villagers to conserve forest and ecology so that the Naga society will become self sufficient in the future. Urging the villagers to go for double farming in the area, Rio further promised to provide a Tractor and two Power tiller to the farmers’ society of the area.