NEHU VC says no plan to reverse implementation of NEP

Newmai News Network
Shillong | September 11

Vice Chancellor of the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Prof Prabha Shankar Shukla today said the university has no intention of reversing the decision to implement the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020

“However, in an effort to ensure the best possible implementation of the policy, the university will thoroughly discuss any shortcomings or issues that may arise during the process in the forthcoming Academic Council meeting,” Prof Shukla said after a meeting with the delegation of the Meghalaya College Teachers’ Association (MCTA).

The Vice-Chancellor further urged the MCTA to cooperate actively and collaborate with the university to ensure the smooth implementation of NEP 2020. According to him, the primary aim is to enhance the overall educational experience and well-being of the students.

The MCTA has been demanding the withdrawal of the July 12 notification, which asks all affiliated colleges to implement the NEP and roll back to the old degree courses.  

According to the association, it was a blatant lie when the notification claimed that the NEP would be implemented as per the decision taken by the 110th Academic Council.

The VC however said the 104th meeting of the Academic Council of the University held on September 11, 2020, resolved “to adopt the implementation of the NEP 2020; inter-alia resolved to constitute a Task Force for effective implementation”. 

He said the Academic Council never frames any policy keeping in mind a starting date. Any policy framed by the Academic Council is expected to be implemented by the Executive Council without any delay because a policy is framed and adopted for the greater good of the stakeholders. As the Academic Council has adopted the relevant ordinance, regulations, and syllabi, the Executive Council is duty-bound to implement them without any delay, he added.

The VC said so far, the university has not received any letter from the principals of the affiliated colleges intimating their difficulty in implementing the NEP 2020 in respect of the FYUG programme.

As a matter of fact, the meeting convened by the university with the affiliated college principals on July 21, was participated by majority of the principals and are satisfied with the move. The minutes of the meeting, which basically contain the issues raised and the clarifications thereof, have been circulated to the principals.

“We understand that implementation of a new system requires adjustment to address the shortcomings. In case of any shortcoming in the 110th Academic Council’s decision arises during the intervening period, the same shall be rectified at the time of confirmation of the minutes in the next meeting of the Academic Council (111th ), as per set policy,” Prof Shukla said while adding, “The university has already made it clear that all kind of assistance that would be required on the way in implementation of the same shall be provided to the affiliated colleges, except financial assistance.”

He said the sequence of events stated as above amply clarifies that the decision to implement NEP2020 for FYUP was taken after widespread consultations, deliberations, and approval of the relevant authorities of the university adding, “Therefore, the claim of dictatorial decision by the Vice Chancellor is not tenable.”

Further, the VC said that the university has taken cognisance of the infrastructure and resource deficits in many colleges affiliated to NEHU. In general, this is the case in present structure as well where the University is forced to take lenient views on implementation of all the relevant provisions so as to encourage spreading of higher education in the remotest part of the state.

“While appreciating this genuine concern of the MCTA, we have framed a curriculum structure which is implementable from the year 2023-24 without increasing additional class loads and infrastructure for this year,” he said.

He also said that MCTA’s claim that additional financial burden on students lacks substance.

“Furthermore, the management of the colleges are not under the purview of the university. The implementation committee stated that the first year of the NEP 2020 curriculum has been prepared and circulated to all the colleges and it does not require any additional human resource and infrastructure as of now. And we still have one year to develop the infrastructure for the second year,” the VC stated.