Never defect & justify because no one will believe you: GPRN/NSCN

This statement is not necessarily a response to one Major Khetovi, the defector to K group who responded to GPRN/NSCN statement on 10th Sept. 2012. This is primarily issued to question the conscience of all national workers, both in the army and civil wings of different factions, who in the past defected from one group to another to escape punishment for anti-national actions or to seek plump assignments and higher positions. Nothing can justify their deeds as their unceremonious entry and exits have spilled precious blood of true patriots. The defectors ultimately become heroes in their new faction and traitors in their former group. While they may bask in the glory of adulation of the new comrades, deep inside defectors probably knows they are condemned by history despite all the justifications available. Undeniably, it is the community, relatives, family and friends who silently bear the shame and embarrassments. Today Defection from one faction to another is the worst act of treachery a person can commit against one’s own Nation, one’s own community, one’s own comrades, one’s own village, friends, family and well wishers. It is unthinkable that a soldier with genuine national principle would run away to another faction just because of petty misunderstanding with his commander. It is not patriotism to place a personal grudge above the national cause. In fact, a defector’s own children will face jeers and taunts from peers even in schools and colleges. Defectors symbolize men who are physically, spiritually, morally, psychologically and ethically defeated by their own guilt. 

As for Major Khetovi, one may ask how many official letters he forwarded to his commander prior to indulging in all the unfortunate activities and running away. The inquiry had reached his doorstep and if he was a real patriot standing for a genuine cause, he should have stood his ground with facts and figures and boldly faced the members. It appears his patriotism can be measured only in terms of his hatred and accusations of his then commander Col. Hotoi Aye. Running away was not a solution. If he felt his commander was accusatory, incompetent, intrusive and unforgiving towards him and the boys, he had the power to approach competent authorities to air his grievances. If he is a true National worker, he will understand that his reckless defection nearly cost him his own life, his family and that of his men on 6th Sept 2012. GPRN/NSCN was forced to act as Maj. Khetovi, the once loyal officer raided the house of three Naga army officers in a single night with his boys after returning from Suruhuto camp. He should ever remain grateful to citizens of Thahekhu Village and IRB personnel for scooping him up and giving safe passage. 

When hundreds and thousands of patriots and national workers from different warring groups and factions, on the strength of mass support and prayer, come together for a common goal and vision, it is welcomed. In any struggle, social or political, such unprecedented agreements happen. Naga people experienced this in the month of November 2007 and this gave great hope for unity and reconciliation among the Naga political groups. The highest level meetings of Naga political groups thrice in 2010, 2011 and 28-29 February 2012 is testimony to this fact.