Niathu Resort: Its Vandalism, A Big Mistake!

We all know that in this day and age of globalization, with the world shrinking every day, people around the world are inching closer to one another with an unflustered willingness to experience and embrace cultures across the border. As a result, the tourism industry has become a main-stay in almost every city of the world. Not only for economy but has also become a major necessity. Concerted efforts to improve amenities even in the remotest corners of the world are fast becoming a necessity, as global tourism gets more persistent. 

In a place like Nagaland, where we are ‘infrastructurally’ challenged every day, it becomes imperative that much needed steps need to be taken at various levels to cater to this global phenomenon. And we cannot deny that we too are in this global race. 

My humble attention is drawn to a resort right here in our home state that has contributed in ways more than one, so far as tourism is concerned in our state. The Niathu Resort. Located right on the banks of the Chathe River, this resort provided an excellent sanctuary for both the weary and the excited tourist who happened to have picked Nagaland as a destination of choice, for a week-long holiday! And even for the local populace, it has given them an opportunity to experience quality service and amenities of a cosmopolitan set-up right here in Dimapur.

My friends from New Delhi are convinced that Nagaland also has it, after their brief stay at the resort last year. Much to their satisfaction, the resort was all that they needed after a long tour of the North-East. It caught their attention! They were surprised that such a place does exist in this corner of the country. As they put it, the service was exceptional and surprisingly affordable. They were able to brush aside all worries of an insurgency infested state, promising for a return even this year.

For many people, I believe the resort has also evolved as the venue of choice for various occasions, owing to its location, beauty and architecture. Besides playing host to a number of memorable wedding receptions, the resort has been a favorite for a number of important meetings and gatherings, even including sports events. The other important aspect of the resort is the employment scope that it has generated. From what I have gathered, the resort alone has over 40 employees, both professional and semi-professional. 

I, for one, still cannot comprehend why a place such as the Niathu Resort was completely vandalized and destroyed, not sparing even the vehicles of tourists who have come all the way from Arunachal Pradesh. It is a big shame indeed. Although privately owned, I believe those who benefitted the most out of it were the public. And in many occasions it has served as a life-saver when high profile individuals, including celebrities, visit our state. What about the visit of our present President of India just some months back during the Indian Presidential election! These are people who took back fond memories of our state. They stayed in Niathu Resort.

I am sure a lot of pain and hard work has gone into the making of this luxurious and people friendly resort, realizing the need. The careful detailing and design of the resort to meet every need is worth mentioning. And I salute the management, you have done us proud! 

The amount of bitterness ventilated against the resort is unfounded. The people who masterminded and participated in the destruction of the resort can be termed as most irrational and blind. They failed to respect the dignity of the one and only resort in our state that was ready to meet anyone’s need. I am much pained to read about its indefinite closure after the vandalism. And for now, Nagaland, more particularly Dimapur, has lost one of its greatest assets. I can only hope and pray that restoration will be initiated at the earliest by the concerned company. Don’t lose heart, we are with you, and we can do with so many more years of your hospitable service.

“Niathu Resort is where you want to be if you want a breath of fresh air away from the city and the crowd without having to travel far… ensuring that you get your work done successfully in a relaxed environment”.- Niathu Group (website).

Vilaz M
A truly concerned citizen
Dimapur, Nagaland