NSCN cautions of counter actions

The NSCN GPRN once again reiterates its commitment to maintain peace and tranquillity but strongly cautions that taking it’s humanely gesture for weakness shall be befittingly responded with iron hand if the Khehoi cadres continue to target its cadres and officials. The call for maintaining peace and tranquillity in Naga society by the various NGOs specially lead by Angami Youth Origination (AYO) in the state capital has been continuously violated time and again by the so-called GPRN (Khole-Kitovi) group which has once again displayed its true colour by attacking unarmed NSCN officer in Kohima town.

The cadres of Khole-Kitovi group attacked 2nd Lieut. James who was unarmed and undergoing treatment in Kohima town late last night at about 10:30 pm last night in AG colony in Kohima town. However, the NSCN cadre manage to escape unhurt despite firing several rounds by the assailants who are defying the people’s call for peace and tranquillity not only in the state capital but also in the entire Naga country.

It may also be noted here that on 3rd Aug’12 the Khehoi group killed 3 (three) unarmed cadres in the heart of Kohima town but the NSCN restrained its cadres from taking counter action because the NGOs under the banner of AYO had called for cessation all hostilities and bloodshed among all Naga political groups. The leniency of the public and security forces had further encouraged them to carry on with their nefarious activities while the NSCN is patiently waiting for the people’s response towards such unwanted and ugly activities being carried out in the name of Naga national movement. But the NSCN is compelled to remind everyone that it will be compelled to initiate counter action if the people failed to take proper and befitting action against those criminals in the guise of national workers. The NSCN while committing itself for peace strongly cautions that the time has come for responding appropriately towards continues provocative actions of the Khehoi group but at the same time it should not be blamed for initiating counter measures not offensive but self defensive actions in the near future.

NSCN/GPRN Khaplang