NSCN (IM) alleges rival’s hand in ‘gruesome’ killing

Dimapur, September 10 (MExN): The NSCN (IM) has come out openly alleging that its rival the NSCN (K) was behind the “cold blooded killing of five NSCN members on September 8 at a spot between Jotsoma and Piphema. “The Khaplang group will go to the extent of targeting NSCN anytime and anywhere, because the nature of its helplessness after having failed to make any political meaning of its existence despite the signing of ceasefire with the government of India in the footstep of NSCN is forcing them to resort the most sadistic killing that any rude less human being can conceive”, stated an MIP press note received here. 

Informing that the five were on the way to Dimapur from Ukhrul and after crossing Kohima they were waylaid along with the Bolero they were traveling. They were taken to the spot to ascertain their individual identity. “Major PK Stone identity as Chaplain GHQ was established beyond doubt. Closely was his wife Maireila, a mother of four children was also clearly identified. The other members, Lance Corporal Ngashankhui, Pte. Ahenmi Sareo and Pte. Eastern Light Raikui were also all identified as Tangkhuls”, the MIP stated adding that it was “the most inhuman killing let loose on the five innocent victims”. 

The NSCN (IM) expressed shock that a person attached with the God-given assignment as Chaplain, and the treatment normally given to fairer sex and a mother was just not given any respect. “She was just a mere housewife like most other woman with special attachment to the care of the young growing kids who are in need of the mother’s care in the most loving manner”, the MIP stated.

Pointing out that “we are all Christians, including Khaplang group and that prayer is a part of daily Christian life”, the NSCN (IM) stated that a “Chaplain in Christian life performs the motivating role to make a meaning of a meaning of God worship”. “Forget about human animosity, but God-given figure ought to have been given the last respect and departing dignity”, the MIP press note stated.

Stating that “human judgment may fail but God’s judgment never fails”, the MIP pointed out that by “Naga tradition and going by the nature of God, to disgrace a woman and his servant never emerge a winner in the ultimate scheme of things”.