NSCN Khaplang questions ‘Khehoi campers’

The NSCN strongly condemns the brutal killing of its cadre by the Khehoi campers who murdered one NSCN cadre after he was caught by the Khehoi campers late last night from Tizit town. The Khehoi gang arrested L/Cpl. Wangchah Konyak of NSCN when he went to meet his parents at Tizit village and was killed mercilessly in cold blood last night.

It is to be noted here that the life of one NSCN cadre is worthier than the entire set up of the so-called Khehoi campers who are not fighting for sovereignty but only for their self interested gains. They have no right even to collect taxes when their stand is not for the sovereignty of the Nagas and the question of killing Naga patriots doesn’t arise but how come they keep on killing the real Naga patriots. It is the highest time of destruction in the history of the Naga political struggle and the Nagas should realise it before it is too late. No illegal tax should be paid for killing a Naga patriot who are valiantly fighting for the cause of the Nagas from east to west and north to south. These patriots are shedding their blood for their motherland and their single life is worthier than these whole lot of Khehoi campers whose agenda is to collect huge amount of money from the poor and rich alike for their individual benefits and their relatives and enjoy luxury life in metro-cities with an un-accountable number of Cars of highest price qualities. Is it what they claimed that they are fighting for? Nagas should realise that these things should be put to stop less these mafia like gangsters will one day even snatch your own plate of rice from your own hand.

The NSCN pays its rich homage to the departed soul and shares the grief with the bereaved family members at this time of pain and sorrow and further prays that the almighty God grant to the solace family members and also to let the departed soul to rest in peace in heaven.