Open letter to the Chief Engineer (PWD) National Highways

This is to bring to your kind attention the fact that the entire public and commuter who ply on the Chakhabama-Zunheboto road have felt the brunt of the two lane construction tragedy. After the company’s inception into this project, and with summer season revealing the prize of improper planning and haphazard way of work, the road was at best intermittent and pliable for just few hours a day, days a month, and now totally cut off for weeks in a row. Unfortunately, of late the widening work created havoc due to improper technical supervision. A few days ago, I was stranded at the middle where I could not proceed further nor return back which was unbearable, after much persuasion I had to spent few money to let  a private JCB operator who were stationed there, take me back  instead of heading to the destination.  This has occurred as a result of careless and uncontrolled dumping of earth carried out during widening etc. and blocking the drains and culverts or cross drainage. Today the situation is quite different while looking back to the past years when GREF,(Government Reserve Engineering Force) without much difficulty managed almost 24 hour safe route.  As you are well aware, people from the affected areas are compelled to travel at least 48 KMs longer via Pfutsero at their own risk to reach the state capital for supplies or works. 

If we compare this to other roads, even district roads thus have its time limit to mend it, if there be any blockage. But despite assurances from the company that the road would be cleared within reasonable time, it has miserably failed.  Being a highly acclaimed and reputed company as claimed, “Winning the project  (contract) through Global Tender and all out support given by the implementing Agency the Chief Engineers Office (PWD) National Highways”, such low standard of supervision and execution is not expected. Now it is for ourselves to see “the consequences of outsourcing companies in the name of development which are the root cause of the present hardship”. To me our local contractors will have much more concern and act better than these bureaucratic and incompetent staffers of the company who still tends to confuse innocent public by shifting silly excuses to one of its sub-contractors or the other.   It is socio-economic imperative that the state highways should be opened before gullible public are rob of their meagre resources or the sick succumb to their sickness while waiting to reach outside. Hence it is my firm belief that the good office of the Chief Engineer (PWD) National Highways will initiate necessary action in this regard and will do the needful before public take to the streets demanding necessary remedial measures, which may cause a lot of embarrassment to you and your office.

Sincerely yours, 
Dezoto Rhakho
Ex-Candidate, RJD, 19th, Phek A/C.