'Preference' in Competition Exams

According to Oxford Dictionary, ‘Preference' means (1) a greater liking for one alternative (one of two or more available possibilities-Oxford Dictionary) over another or others.(2) Favour shown to one person over another or others.

In competition exams, preference or favour is given to a candidate(s) by exempting them from certain qualification(s). A preference/favour is also given to a candidate(s) by setting questions from theirs fields of knowledge, course and experiences, so that they can have advantage over other candidates, who didn't underwent such course or experiences, who have to study themselves to compete with those preference/advantage/favour candidates.

A preference is also given to a candidate in competition exam, when there is a tie in marks between two or more candidates. In a tie situation, a candidate with higher academic mark percentage or with honours/higher qualification is given preference. If all candidates happens to have equal academic mark percentage with equal qualifications, an older candidate is given preference.
Hence, 'Preference' in competition exam does not means only those preference group of candidates will be selected. Nor does it means a preference candidate will be selected even if he/she failed in competition exam. If a candidate with simple graduate scores higher marks than those honours/major/PG candidates in competition exam, then he/she will be placed ahead in the merit list irrespective of what qualification he/she holds. This is the reason why some mere graduate passed UPSC/NPSC exams but some excellent academic/Hons/M.A candidates failed to do so.

If qualification(s) alone is taken for competition exam result, then only those candidates with M.A/Ph.D holder will be selected, which means direct/backdoor appointment(unfair means).

The demands made by those failed English GT candidates(Dimapur district) for cancellation of interview taking the word 'preference' shows that they failed to understand the real meaning of the very word.

It was clearly mentioned in the advertisement that a candidate should be graduate to be eligible for the post, with preference to be given to Hons/Major/PG in English (It was not mentioned that only we, English Hons/Maj/PG holders will be selected even if we failed in competition exam). Accordingly, preference/favour was given to us(Hons/Maj/PG English)  by setting questions from the  English thematic(Grammar, Poetry,P rose, Fiction, essay), except few GK and teaching aptitude questions. Hence, we (Hons/Maj/PG) were given preference/favour over those general English candidates. Now, the question is, why some of us failed to score good marks when general English candidates could do? One should not extol one's decorated sword without fighting well in the battle fields. What's the use of yelling from top of mountain holding your decorated sword when you failed to prove your sword skill in the battle. Battles are won by those who prepare themselves physically and mentally in advance besides the weapons they have, and not by those who take confidence in their fascinating sword or weapons. Please don't try to delay our (both Hons/Maj/PG & General candidates) hard earned reward with factitious interpretation of the word 'preference' and by expatiating your qualifications without looking at the severity of the competition era. As intellectuals, one should not have distasteful feeling towards successful candidates after failing to prove one's credibility in advantage given competition fields. Nor one should have execrate towards the authorities, who are more qualified and experienced than us.

Alo kitts,
Chan kips