The Resolve to Win

Since the last one decade or so, and in particular during the last two years, the Government of India (GoI) has been engaging itself with the question of Kashmir, Telangana and the Naga talks through various approaches and mechanisms. Although there are other unresolved problems facing India, these three issues has found the attention of the GoI. In Jammu & Kashmir the present UPA-II government had appointed three interlocutors sometime in October 2010 headed by senior journalist Dileep Padgaonkar to study the Kashmir issue. The report of the interlocutors on Jammu & Kashmir is expected to be submitted soon to the GoI. All of us are aware of the Srikrishna Commission report on Telangana. The same was submitted to the GoI after which more consultation has taken place leading to another report prepared by the Congress party in-charge of Andhra Pradesh Ghulam Nabi Azad. According to the latter the issue of a separate State for Telangana will be settled as soon as possible. Then off course we have the Indo-Naga peace process, which in fact is over fifteen years in the making since the signing of the ceasefire agreement in 1997. Comparatively therefore, the present Naga peace dialogue has been in the agenda outlasting the recent initiative on Kashmir and Telangana. The time span of fifteen years and more is something for the Naga people to actually sit up and take notice of. Can we blame only New Delhi for the delay in finding a political settlement? It just seems to be the case of we the Naga people not having the resolve to take our fight to Delhi. We simply lack the unity of purpose as is demonstrated in the case of the Telangana people and their resolve to win separate Statehood.
Kashmir, Telangana & Naga issue
There is no doubt that over the years, the Naga issue has come to acquire complication of its own. So we have come to acknowledge this delay on the argument that settling the complexities require time. For fifteen years and more the GoI and the NSCN have invested on the peace process. It is time for the Nagas to decide on how many more years we are going to negotiate with the GoI. And isn’t it now time to invest in negotiating within ourselves as to what kind of solution we should work out with India based on whatever agreements or disagreements there is on the talks table. Fifteen years we have given our best to work out an honorable solution for the Nagas. Let us now at least invest the next few months in working on a common platform so that with one resolve, Nagas can hammer out a solution with India. Coming back to the question of Kashmir, Telangana and the Naga issue, it is obvious that the leaders and people of Telangana are going to get there first because of the unity of purpose they have shown all along and their resolve to win Telangana. For the Nagas, the time is ticking away. Let us remind on the words of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who has publicly stated that the GoI is committed to resolving the Naga issue within the timeframe of the present UPA-II government. Nagas should not miss this opportunity. Initiatives will have to be taken and coordination will be required to bring everyone on board—the national groups, civil society and political parties. The task really is to reconcile our differences towards a united agenda where people—and not politics, factions or ideology—should be at the centre of things.