Reviewing the Crusade of a Sinner

The recently concluded crusade organized by Anna hazare drew positive responses from the masses and the government alike. When the movement against corruption started, the masses gained the sympathy of the media, and as a result the confronting party emerged victorious. The sole purpose of the movement was to wipe out corruption from our nation. It is also interesting to note that the acclaimed leader was hailed for his acts of courage and justice.
What he did was right but the purpose of his quest seems to be marred by a teacher of sin who delighted in leading his followers to the pits of hell. The annual income of the said sinner is estimated to be about $40 million. This pseudo spiritual leader may have gained the affection of the fools, but it will not be long before God’s fury devours him and his followers alike. The notion is this: the first leader sowed the seed and the second leader destroyed the seed. If the first leader had known this, he would have denounced the second leader. The point is this: Ramdev created the stir at the wrong time and as a result he had to be pierced with the thorn of disgrace. The truth is he may have more than 30 million followers and he is a celebrity in his own right but he seems to have forgotten that as a holy man, he should be praying rather than condemning the leaders of this great nation. In one of his public speech he said that corrupt politicians and officials should be hanged and executed. The nature of this speech clearly reveals his evil motives and intentions. I am forced to quote this and I hope it will do him good “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him and the evil man brings evil things out  of the evil stored up in him ( Matthew 12:35 ).If he was a holy man he should have lived like a holy man but rather than living like one he started smelling the shoes of others. I am worried that if this continues, he may ultimately end up washing the socks of his enemies. This is what he quoted “ If the entire black money is bought back to the country, then poverty will be abolished and India will prosper. The claims made by this supposed holy man is biased and unrealistic. And these very claims sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous. The central government  which had once been at the receiving end, ultimately gathered the courage to spit in his face. The truth is the government are not saints and neither is he. The manner in which he was disgraced is indeed a disgrace to himself. Whatever his claims of spirituality is, he will not be saved as long as the demons remain in him. He may be a godfather to the sinners, but to the righteous he is indeed a man of sin. He may be great in the eyes of the world and he is indeed a great sinner. This may not be a politically motivated movement but the interference of political parties clearly shows that it is. When he was evicted from the land which was not his, he abused the women and children by comparing the armed forces actions on them as a blot to democracy.  This movement is indeed an eye opener for the sinners and the righteous alike.
The government is indeed worried that he is worried and the turn of events will be as interesting as the chaos of the present. In this moment of trails even if he meditates, his spiritual and mental condition will only get from bad to worse. Everyone should realize that this meditation of sin will only lead people to the pits of hell. Whether he fast, eats or sleeps, he will be like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud ( Isaiah 57:20 ). His death may be the end of his mission here on earth but when he wakes up again he will hate himself for what he did and regret over the things he could have done. He shouldn’t be thinking of dying now because he is actually dead and he is also yet to die the second death. This controversy is just a page for the day because we are aware that every new day new controversy always emerges and it will only continue as sinners increases. This is a warning for the generation of this nation.

Ambrose.J. Chakre, Founder President
Ambrose Foundation in Christ Ministries
Kohima Nagaland