Shubhangi Atre believes in the power of manifestation

Shubhangi Atre believes in the power of manifestation

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Mumbai, April 29 (IANS) Actress Shubhangi Atre, best known for her role in the sitcom 'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai', strongly believes in the power of manifestation, and practices it every day.

She feels an actor’s hard work and determination enable him/her to climb the ladder to success.

"I believe in luck, but I see it as more of a chance-giver. Luck might open doors for you, but it’s your hard work and determination that truly matter. I think luck contributes about 40 per cent, while the remaining 60 per cent comes from your effort, consistency, and dedication," she said.

Speaking about the power of manifestation, Shubhangi shared: "However, it’s not just about wishing for something and waiting for it to happen; you need to put in efforts too. If your intentions are pure and your hard work matches your desires, manifestation can truly work wonders. I believe that cosmic energies play a role in helping us achieve our goals."

She added: "I believe in the power of positive energy and the concept of manifesting our desires strongly, as mentioned in 'The Secret'. My entry into 'Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai' was another sudden opportunity, and despite the responsibility of replacing someone, I embraced it with hard work and dedication. I’ve learned that putting positive efforts into anything yields results."

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