‘Snip’ by Canato Jimo wins ‘Publishing Next Award’

Vishü Rita Krocha
Kohima | March 26

‘Snip’, written and illustrated by Canato Jimo from Nagaland has been awarded ‘Children's Book of the Year’ (for ages 0-8) by Publishing Next. 

The winners of the Publishing Next Industry Awards 2020 were announced today. 

In an exclusive interview with The Morung Express, Canato Jimo said that “as an illustrator, this is definitely a great highlight in my interest and the profession I am in, to establish myself as a picture book illustrator.” 

“To be able to create a book, looking into the current scene where there was no visibility in terms of sharing stories from another part of the country, where you don’t really get stories especially about lived realities and everyday life, and to be able to do that itself was a big achievement for me.”

In his book- ‘Snip’, Canato Jimo made sure that even though there are no words, the visuals are all “very Naga.” 

“I feel that more than a personal achievement, this recognition is also for more writers and illustrators especially in children’s publication,” he said. Jimo felt that “any good work, wherever it is from or whatever it is, if you do well and put your heart into it, and do it with integrity and you are telling your story with conviction and putting your skills into it, I don’t think any of this is a barrier.”

The book is the outcome of his graduation project. Jimo has always been interested in children’s picture books and “wanted it to be something based in Nagaland, something close to my culture.” He observed that there is lack of diversity in picture books. “We just end up in folktales or folklores category. As much as it is in adults, even in children’s world, when it comes to stories from North East or Nagaland, it is always folktales and folklores,” he noted.

This is when he decided to create a book on the ‘lived reality.’ At the same time, he tried “not make it too regional that people are not able to relate.”

In an effort to 

‘Snip’ is described as “a pair of scissors” that “turns the day upside down for Avi and Toto.” It explores their “wordless story full of mischief and mayhem.”

Canato Jimo also has a new book out, titled ‘Asamo, is that you.’ The book is a collaboration with his illustrator friend from Arunachal Pradesh.