Spy cameras’ sales go up in Delhi, courtesy Kejriwal

New Delhi, January 10: With Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal encouraging people to carry out sting operations to catch the corrupt red-handed, sellers of spy cameras in Delhi’s popular Palika Bazar are a happy lot with sales doubling overnight. According to shopkeepers, the range of spy cameras is vast and can cost between Rs.400 to Rs.30,000 depending on the product, its audio and video recording quality, memory and other features.

However, pens, buttons, key chains, pen drives and sun glasses installed with spy cams are the most sought-after because of their price -- between Rs.400 and Rs.5,000 -- and size.

“The sales have double since the announcement came. Earlier we would sell around 15-20 pieces of small-sized spy cams in a day. The figure is close to 40 now,” Sachin Dutta of Electronic Zone in Palika Bazar, the underground shopping complex in central Delhi’s posh commercial hub Connaught Place told IANS.

“Products in the price range of Rs.400 to Rs.5,000 are selling the most and customers are a mix of people from all age groups,” he added.

Kejriwal had Wednesday announced a helpline to help trap those demanding bribes. The complainants would be taught how to carry out a sting operation by the anti-corruption wing of the Delhi administration.

Pradeep Sharma of Rhythmics, too agreed with Dutta and said that he was anticipating more sales in the coming days. “Customers are enthusiastic and a lot of them are visiting us eager to know how a spy cam works sales have increased definitely,” he said.

However, some like Mohammad Ali who had ordered extra stock of spy cameras immediately after Kejriwal’s announcement was disappointed.

“I was expecting the sales to rise dramatically and had ordered extra stock but sadly it has remained the same. Maybe people prefer to use their phone cameras instead of spending on a new spy cam,” he said.