COVID-19 outbreak

  • Lancet cautions India on giving "too much positive spin" to Covid-19
    NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 25 (IANS): The renowned medical journal, Lancet has criticised India on the danger of presenting the current situation in India with too positive a spin. It not only clouds reality but also hampers vital public health initiatives. It said that perpetuating unrealistic claims or failing to honestly report negative news creates uncertainty among the public and health-care professionals, discouraging people from taking preventive action or taking public health mess
  • Myanmar’s ‘maximum containment’ COVID plan pushed to brink as virus surges
    YANGON, September 24 (Reuters): Myanmar has quarantined tens of thousands of people to prevent a coronavirus outbreak from overwhelming its fragile healthcare system but public health experts and doctors say the strategy is on the brink of collapse as infections surge. The Southeast Asian nation is housing more than 45,000 people, including COVID-19 patients as well as those yet to be tested, their close contacts and returning migrant workers, in buildings from schools and mona
  • Civil lawsuits filed over COVID-19 outbreak at Austrian ski resort Ischgl
    VIENNA, September 23 (Reuters): A consumer rights group said on Wednesday it had filed civil lawsuits against the Austrian government over a coronavirus outbreak at the ski resort of Ischgl last winter, but it held off on a class-action suit for the time being. The outbreak at Ischgl, known as the "Ibiza of the Alps", was Austria's biggest and helped spread the virus across Europe. Hundreds of Austrians were infected and thousands of foreign tourists say they
  • Study suggests dengue may provide some immunity against COVID-19
    RIO DE JANEIRO, September 21 (Reuters): A new study that analyzed the coronavirus outbreak in Brazil has found a link between the spread of the virus and past outbreaks of dengue fever that suggests exposure to the mosquito-transmitted illness may provide some level of immunity against COVID-19. The not yet published study led by Miguel Nicolelis, a professor at Duke University, and shared exclusively with Reuters, compared the geographic distribution of coronavirus cases with
  • UK faces soaring COVID-19 death rate unless it moves fast, medics warn
    LONDON, September 21 (Reuters): Britain will face an exponentially growing death rate from COVID-19 within weeks unless urgent action is taken to halt a rapidly spreading second wave of the outbreak, the country's senior medics said on Monday. The United Kingdom already has the biggest official COVID-19 death toll in Europe - and the fifth largest in the world - while it is borrowing record amounts in an attempt to pump emergency money through the damaged economy. But ne
  • U.S. sets record with over one million coronavirus tests in a day
    Reuters The United States set a one-day record with over 1 million coronavirus diagnostic tests being performed, but the country needs 6 million to 10 million a day to bring outbreaks under control, according to various experts. The country performed 1,061,411 tests on Saturday, according to data from The COVID Tracking Project, a volunteer-run effort to track the outbreak. The record comes after testing has fallen for several weeks. The United States tested on average 650,000
  • Seoul city seeks $4 million in damages from church over new COVID-19 outbreak
    SEOUL, September (Reuters): The metropolitan government in South Korea's capital Seoul said on Friday it would seek 4.6 billion won ($4 million) in damages against a church for causing the spread of the coronavirus by disrupting tracing and testing efforts. A fresh wave of infections erupted at a church whose members attended a large protest in downtown Seoul in mid-August, becoming the country's largest cluster in the greater capital area. The outbreak has driven triple-dig
  • Lesbos migrants sleep on roadsides, housing them to take days
    LESBOS, September 10 (Reuters): Thousands of migrants were stranded without shelter on Lesbos on Thursday after fires razed their camp to the ground, and the government said it would take days to find housing for all of them. Some who fled the fires on Tuesday and Wednesday night tested positive for COVID-19 after an outbreak of the disease in the camp, further complicating attempts to round up migrants and get them into alternative accommodation. "Today we will underta
  • South Korea's defiant churches face backlash for hampering COVID-19 response
    SEOUL, September 8 (Reuters): South Korea's latest COVID-19 outbreak has triggered a public backlash against conservative Christian churches for defying government orders aimed at preventing the disease's spread. At least a third of the 4,500 COVID-19 cases confirmed in the greater Seoul area over the past three weeks have been traced to church members and others who attended a Aug. 15 anti-government rally, the country's largest cluster in months. Authorities sa
  • China's Xi honours COVID-19 'heroes', as focus shifts to economic recovery
    SHANGHAI/BEIJING, September 8 (Reuters): President Xi Jinping honoured the "heroes" of China's "people's war" against COVID-19 at a ceremony on Tuesday, lauding the country's resilience as well as the decisive role played in containment efforts by the ruling Communist Party. Defying charges from the United States and elsewhere that early failures enabled the coronavirus pandemic to spread more quickly, Xi said that China acted in an open and tran
  • 'Do you really need to party?' WHO asks world's youth
    GENEVA, August 5 (Reuters): Young people must curb their party instincts to help prevent new outbreaks of the COVID-19 disease, officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) pleaded on Wednesday. Tired of lockdowns and eager to enjoy the northern hemisphere summer, young people in some countries have been contributing to resurgences by gathering again for parties, barbecues and holidays. Even in Geneva, where the global U.N. health body is based, cabarets and clubs were c
  • Lockdown measures subdue India's service sector output: PMI
    NEW DELHI, AUGUST 5 (IANS): Lockdown measures implemented to curb Covid-19 outbreak continued to subdue the Indian service sector's growth in July. Accordingly, the latest PMI survey data showed that growth remained severely restricted by lockdown measures implemented to curb the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in July. "Further substantial reductions in both activity and inflows of new work were recorded, as ongoing lockdown restrictions stifled demand and forced comp
  • WHO says China team interviewed Wuhan scientists over virus origins
    GENEVA, August 4 (Reuters): A World Health Organization team in China to probe the origins of COVID-19 had "extensive discussions" and exchanges with scientists in Wuhan where the outbreak was first detected, a spokesman said on Tuesday. The talks included updates on animal health research, he said. China shut down a wildlife market in Wuhan at the start of the outbreak, a day after discovering some patients were vendors or dealers. The WHO says the virus most
  • Chinese artist holds his tongue in protest of pandemic censorship
    SHANGHAI, July 20 (Reuters): To protest censorship during the COVID-19 outbreak, a Chinese artist known as Brother Nut kept his mouth shut for 30 days, using metal clasps, gloves, duct tape and other items.   In the project - #shutupfor30days - he also sealed his mouth with packing tape with "404", the error code for a webpage not found, written across it, a nod to the blocking of online content that is common in China for sensitive issues.   "
  • France to make masks compulsory in enclosed public places
    PARIS, July 14 (Reuters): France will in the next few weeks make it compulsory to for people to wear masks in shops and other enclosed public spaces to stop a resurgence of the COVID-19 outbreak, President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday.   The virus, which killed more than 30,000 people in France, has been on the decline, but Macron said it was spreading again in some places as France opens up beaches, bars and restaurants after a two-month lockdown.   "
  • With masks and gel, Spaniards vote amid new coronavirus outbreaks
    BILBAO, July 12 (Reuters): Voters in northern Spain protected themselves with face masks and hand sanitizer before voting on Sunday as Galicia and the Basque Country held regional elections despite new localised outbreaks of COVID-19.   The extra health measures meant there were long lines outside polling stations for the votes, which were postponed from April due to the pandemic and are the first since one of Europe's strictest lockdown was relaxed.   Bilbao,
  • In echo of Mao era, China's schools in book-cleansing drive
    BEIJING, July 9 (Reuters): As schools reopened in China after the COVID-19 outbreak, they have thrown themselves into a nationwide exercise to remove books deemed politically incorrect, deepening Chinese President Xi Jinping's push to instil patriotism and ideological purity in the education system.   A directive from the Ministry of Education last October called on elementary and middle schools to clear out books from their libraries including "illegal" a
  • Philippines frees over 15,000 prisoners amid Covid-19 outbreak
    MANILA, JULY 2 (IANS): The Philippines has released a total of 15,322 prisoners amid a rising number of Covid-19 cases, officials said on Thursday.   The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) of the Philippines said these inmates called "persons deprived of liberty" jailed in the facilities run by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, were freed from March 17 to June 22, Xinhua reported.   The majority of the freed prisoners are &q
  • Student bodies discuss COVID-19 issues with Paiwang
    Mon, June 30 (MExN): A meeting with student bodies from Wakching and Aboi, Konyak Union and Empowered Committee was convened by Paiwang Konyak, Minister, Transport, Civil Aviation, Railways & Land Resources for discussing issues relating to COVID-19 at Walo Guest House, Mon Town on June 30.   The union in a press release stated that Paiwang who is also the Minister Incharge for COVID-19 of Mon District thanked the student bodies for their selfless and dedicated duties in
  • Milk powder imports will harm farmers: Dairy industry
    NEW DELHI, JUNE 29 (IANS): After the slump in demand for milk and milk products in the hotel, restaurant and cafe (HoReCa) segment amid the Covid-19 outbreak, the domestic dairy industry has started using surplus milk to prepare milk powder and butter.   However, the government has decided to import 10,000 tonnes of milk powder from abroad under the tariff rate quota.   The dairy industry has opposed the move, calling it untimely. Dairy traders say that import of