Pope Francis

  • Vatican: Pope receives coronavirus vaccine
    Vatican City, January 14 (AP): The Vatican has confirmed Pope Francis received the first shot of the coronavirus vaccine on Thursday. No photos of the 84-yer-old pontiff receiving the shot have been released. The pope has advocated that everyone should get the vaccine, calling it an ethical option performed not only for ones own health but for the lives of others. The Vatican has beefed up coronavirus restrictions amid a spike in cases in Italy. The pope, who is missing part of o
  • Pope installs new cardinals, including first African-American
    VATICAN CITY, November 29 (Reuters) - Pope Francis on Saturday installed 13 new cardinals, including the first African-American to hold the high rank, further expanding the pontiff's impact on the group that will one day elect his successor. The cardinals were installed in a ceremony, known as a consistory, that was markedly slimmed down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of the usual thousands, only 10 guests per cardinal were allowed in St. Peter's Basilica as th
  • Pope condemns 'savage' church attack, urges French to be united
    VATICAN CITY, October 29 (Reuters): Pope Francis condemned as "savage" an attack in which three people were killed at a church in France on Thursday, and the Vatican said terrorism and violence were never acceptable. "Informed of the savage attack which was perpetrated this morning in a church in Nice, causing the death of several innocent people, His Holiness Pope Francis joins in prayer with the suffering of the families and shares their grief," said a mes
  • Pope names new cardinals, putting his stamp on Church's future
    VATICAN CITY, October 25 (Reuters): Pope Francis named 13 new Roman Catholic cardinals on Sunday, including nine who are eligible to enter a conclave to elect his successor after his death or resignation. The new cardinal electors, whom the pope listed in a surprise announcement while addressing pilgrims from his window overlooking St. Peter's Square, include Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington D.C. He will become the first African-American to hold the rank. The
  • Pope wears mask for first time at public service
    ROME, October 20 (Reuters): Pope Francis wore a mask for the first time at a public function on Tuesday when he and other religious leaders attended a prayer service for peace around the world. The pope wore a white mask during the service at the Rome Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. Previously he wore masks only in a car taking him to his weekly audiences in the Vatican. He had come under some criticism, particularly on social media, for not wearing a mask at his genera
  • COVID-19 case confirmed in pope's Vatican residence
    VATICAN CITY, October 17 (Reuters): A man living in the same Vatican residence as Pope Francis has tested positive for COVID-19 and gone into isolation, the Vatican said on Saturday. The man, who was not identified and did not have symptoms of the illness, left the Santa Marta residence and went into isolation along with others with whom he had had direct contact, a statement said. Someone else living in the residence - which has about 130 rooms and suites - tested positive
  • Pope Francis keeps his distance at audience over COVID concerns
    VATICAN CITY, October 14 (Reuters) - Pope Francis stayed a safe distance from well-wishers at his weekly general audience on Wednesday, saying new rules aimed at curbing the coronavirus meant he had to hold back. "I would like to, as I usually do, go down and get closer to greet you. But with the new regulations, it is better if we keep a distance," Francis said from a stage. "It often happens that when I go down, everybody gets close and piles up. And it's a p
  • Pull investments from companies not committed to environment, pope says
    VATICAN CITY, October 11 (Reuters): Pope Francis on Saturday urged people to pull investments from companies that are not committed to protecting the environment, adding his voice to calls for the economic model that emerges from the coronavirus pandemic to be a sustainable one. Francis spoke in a video message for an online event called "Countdown Global Launch, A Call to Action on Climate Change". "Science tells us, every day with more precision, that we nee
  • Pope says free market, 'trickle-down' policies fail society
    VATICAN CITY, October 4 (Reuters): Pope Francis said on Sunday that the COVID-19 pandemic was the latest crisis to prove that market forces alone and "trickle-down" economic policies had failed to produce the social benefits their proponents claim. In an encyclical on the theme of human fraternity, Francis also said private property cannot be considered an absolute right in all cases where some lived extravagantly while others had nothing. Called "Fratelli Tut
  • Pope denies audience with Pompeo; Vatican warns against playing politics over China
    ROME, October 1 (Reuters): The Vatican said on Wednesday it had denied a request from Mike Pompeo for an audience with Pope Francis, and accused the Secretary of State of trying to drag the Catholic Church into the U.S. presidential election by denouncing its relations with China. The extraordinary remarks from the two top diplomatic officials at the Vatican came after Pompeo accused the Church in an article and a series of tweets this month of putting its "moral auth
  • Pope calls for negotiations over Caucasus flare-up
    VATICAN CITY, September 27 (Reuters): Pope Francis appealed to Armenia and Azerbaijan on Sunday to resolve their differences through negotiations following clashes over the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region. "I pray for peace in the Caucasus and ask the parties in conflict to make concrete gestures of goodwill and brotherhood that can lead to the resolution of problems not with the use of force and weapons but through dialogue and negotiations," he said. Francis, w
  • Fired cardinal denies wrongdoing, says ready to give life for pope
    VATICAN CITY, September 25 (Reuters): An Italian cardinal fired from his powerful Vatican post said on Friday Pope Francis had accused him of embezzlement and nepotism, but he denied wrongdoing and said he was still ready to lay down his life for the pontiff. Speaking to reporters the day after his shock ousting, Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, a key mover and shaker in the Vatican hierarchy, said he had had a "surreal" meeting with the pope on Thursday night when he
  • Pope warns against seeking political, economic gain from coronavirus
    VATICAN CITY, September 9 (Reuters): Pope Francis said on Wednesday no one should seek economic or political gain from the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine developers should not see it merely as a profit-making endeavour. Francis told visitors at his weekly general audience - the second with public participation after six months of virtual audiences - that the pandemic should spur everyone to work for the common good. "Unfortunately, we are witnessing the emergence of p
  • Pope says gossiping is a 'worse plague' than coronavirus
    VATICAN CITY, September 6 (Reuters): Pope Francis urged the faithful on Sunday to steer clear of gossip, calling it worse than the coronavirus and saying it could be used to divide the Roman Catholic Church. "Please, brothers and sisters, let's make an effort not to gossip. Gossiping is a worse plague than COVID," the pope said during his weekly address from a window above St. Peter's Square. "The devil is the great gossip. He is always saying bad thin
  • Pope to travel outside Rome for first time since coronavirus pandemic
    VATICAN CITY, September 5 (Reuters): Pope Francis will next month visit the Italian town of Assisi, his first trip out of Rome since the coronavirus pandemic hit the country in February, and will sign a new encyclical, a spokesman for the Assisi Basilica said on Saturday. The encyclical, which is the highest form of papal writing, is expected to focus on what Francis believes the post-pandemic world should look like, and will be called "Brothers All...". Father Enz
  • Pope tells leaders post-pandemic economic models must change
    VATICAN CITY, September 4 (Reuters): Pope Francis said on Friday that the coronavirus pandemic had "toppled the shaky pillars" of a world economic model built on the idolatry of money and domination by the rich and powerful. In a message to participants of the annual European House-Ambrosetti Workshop, which gathers some 200 top managers, economists, and politicians from around the world, he called for new models that would be more inclusive and reduce social inequali
  • Pope all smiles at first public audience in six months, appeals for Lebanon
    VATICAN CITY, September 2 (Reuters): Pope Francis held his weekly general audience in public for the first time in six months on Wednesday, smiling and chatting as he re-emerged from the constraints of the coronavius lockdown. The audience, at which the pope announced a day of prayer and fasting for Lebanon, was held in the San Damaso courtyard of the Vatican's Apostolic Palace and gave him the public contact he thrives on. Visitors had their temperatures checked as they
  • Pope urges respect for Paris climate accord, says 'creation is groaning'
    VATICAN CITY, September 1 (Reuters): Pope Francis on Tuesday urged nations to fight global warming according to the 2015 Paris climate accord, weighing in on issue that figures in the U.S. presidential race. Modern society had pushed the planet beyond its limits and the time to fix a climate emergency was running out, he said. "Our constant demand for growth and an endless cycle of production and consumption are exhausting the natural world," Francis said. &qu
  • Pope warns rich countries against coronavirus vaccine nationalism
    Reuters Rich countries should not hoard a coronavirus vaccine and should only give pandemic-related bailouts to companies committed to protecting the environment, helping the most needy and the 'common good', Pope Francis said on Wednesday. "It would be sad if the rich are given priority for the Covid-19 vaccine. It would be sad if the vaccine becomes property of this or that nation, if it is not universal and for everyone," Francis said at his weekly general au
  • Pope Francis asks for justice to be respected in Belarus
    VATICAN CITY, August 16 (Reuters): Pope Francis on Sunday called for justice and rights to be respected in Belarus, where tens of thousands of people have been taking the streets urging President Alexander Lukashenko to quit after a contested presidential election. "I appeal for dialogue, to refuse violence and respect justice and rights," the pontiff said in his Sunday Angelus message, speaking from his balcony in St. Peter's Square. The pope added that his th