The truth about truth

Soreishim Mahong

We live in a world of impressions, but what do we really do to impress God? We as a social animal like to impress especially the opposite sex, nothing less and nothing more.

Reflecting my days gone by, I still remember trying to impress one of the opposite sexes, which was a little bit awful remembering it.

But infact, there is nothing wrong trying to impress another person, but as a Christian, being a Christian, born as a Christian what exactly or did have done to impress God?

Is the same amount of energy, strength, money spent trying to impress another person? 

And if that is the requirement that we as a human fulfill than God Must be Crazy, I mean literally.

If I can recollect one of the scripture readings, it says love one another as I have loved you but we as a human being love one another and forget what Jesus said “as I have loved you”.

We put lots and lots of energy and time, trying to work things out the way we want things to turn out and the way things should be, whatever comes our way, we dress in the best dress we ever brought or change our hairstyle, change our lifestyle, change our attitude, react or behave differently, just to impress another person. We try to be different and put our self on the spotlight of impressions. But do we do all these things to impress God?

I might sound like a Reverend giving a Sunday sermon, wearing a black cassock standing infront of you, staring at you with my left hand on the bible and my right hand in the air. But in reality I am not one of those.

To be very, very honest and frank, I am not a true Christian in a manner of speaking. I usually don’t go to church or involve in church activities and it’s a fact about me but the bottom line is that I do believe, and still have faith in god, because god’s astonishing promise says in Hebrews13:5

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

(The article does not reflect any person’s character nor impersonate other sermon preaching. Its just a work of writers imaginary work based on reality)