UT of Ladakh Foundation Day held at Raj Bhavan Kohima

Delegates from Ladakh along with the Nagaland Governor at Raj Bhavan Kohima on October 31.

Delegates from Ladakh along with the Nagaland Governor at Raj Bhavan Kohima on October 31.

KOHIMA, OCTOBER 31 (MExN): The Union Territory of Ladakh Foundation Day was celebrated with the Governor of Nagaland La Ganesan along with the delegates from Ladakh, NEZCC officials, cultural troupes from Nagaland and Assam, officers and staff of Raj Bhavan at Dr Imkongliba Ao hall, Raj Bhavan Kohima on October 31. 

The Governor expressed his happiness to the delegates from Ladakh who had come to attend the Union Territory of Ladakh Foundation day at Raj Bhavan Kohima. He reminded that unity in diversity is our strength. He said that the exposure to the cultures, traditions and practices of different states and UTs will lead to an enhanced understanding and bonding between the states, thereby strengthening the unity and integrity of India through the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.

Celebrating the Ladakh Foundation Day is a significant event marking the cultural richness and resilience of the people of Ladakh. Addressing the program, the Governor said that the courage and wisdom of the people of Ladakh illuminates the hills and valleys of their home, and their presence here today illuminates ours. He further pointed out that the Ladakhis are known for their stoic resilience and are deeply patriotic and have contributed immensely to the cultural richness and diversity of our great country Bharat.

During the program, the Youth Ambassadors of UT of Ladakh performed Folk Music, Ladakhi Folk song and Jabro Folk dance. Cultural troupes of Nagajori Sanskritik Assam, Khiamniungan Cultural Club Kohima and Supen Thera Cultural group Kohima also showcased various dances.

Escort of the Youth Ambassadors from the UT of Ladakh, Stanzin Standin briefed the gathering about Ladakh and how Ladakh got UT status on 31st October 2019, which ushered them into a new era of development and prosperity. He stated that PM Narendra Modi desired Ladakh to achieve a zero carbon footprint- a narrative that resonates with the core ethos of Ladakh culture. He also mentioned that Lt. Governor of UT of Ladakh Brigadier (Redt.) Dr. B.N Mishra is leading Ladakh from the forefront with dedication and commitment.

Presentations were given out to the Delegates from Ladakh and the Cultural Troupes by the Governor of Nagaland. The Secretary to Governor Rajesh Soundararajan welcomed the gathering while the vote of thanks was pronounced by Jt. Secretary to Governor Mhomo Tungoe.