WSH suggest measure to control dengue

Dimapur, September 20 (MExN): With a health official maintaining that dengue cases in Dimapur is at ‘epidemic-level’, the Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) today urgently requested the Medical Department for take immediate steps to address outbreak and also suggested some measures for controlling the surge. 

Among others, the WSH called for launching extensive public awareness campaign to educate citizens about dengue fever, its symptoms, and preventative measures via advertisements, educational pamphlets, community meetings etc.

It also suggested for enhanced mosquito control measures by conducting thorough fumigation drives, especially in the areas heavily affected by dengue in collaboration with local authorities and organisations to ensure effective coverage.

Allocate additional medical personnel, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, to hospitals and clinics in the affected areas to manage growing number of dengue patients and provide timely treatment, the WSH said. 

It also recommended adequate medical supplies and resources in hospitals and clinics to effectively treat dengue patients and addressing any shortages immediately addressed to prevent any disruptions in patient care.

Implement a robust surveillance and monitoring system to track and analyze the spread of dengue fever. This will help in understanding the dynamics of the outbreak, identifying high-risk areas, and formulating appropriate strategies to contain the disease, the WSH added. 

While empathising with the challenges the medical department is facing in managing such ‘epidemics,’ the WSH expressed confidence that with expertise and dedicated efforts, the situation can be brought under control.

“We urge you to prioritize this matter and take immediate action to prevent further loss of lives and minimize the impact on our citizens,” it added, assuring support and collaboration the endeavor.