ACAUT Nagaland declares Feb 8 meeting unauthorized, illegal

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 14 (MExN): Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) Nagaland has pointed fingers at its Co-Chairman Dr. Khekugha Muru for bringing “ACAUT into disrepute” and at the same time demeaning the good offices of the apex tribe hohos and other civil society organizations.


According to a press release issued by Media Cell, ACAUT Nagaland on the outcome of the general meeting held at Tourist Lodge, Dimapur on Wednesday, the house after carefully studying the facts and evidences tabled and after hearing out from some of the members who were part of the February 8 ACAUT meeting indicted the Co-Chairman of “twisting the facts and misleading the members in the meeting leading to the publication of the regrettable press statements.”


It therefore declared the said February 8, 2018 meeting as unauthorized and illegal. The ACAUT press release also said the Co-Chairman no longer enjoys the confidence of the house and ceases to be a member of the ACAUT Nagaland with immediate effect.


The Wednesday meeting also accepted the resignation of ACAUT chairman Joel Naga and ACAUT spokesperson Mar Longkumer. However, at the same time the house acknowledged their invaluable contributions and sacrifices made toward the cause of ACAUT and the welfare of the society at large. It therefore requested the duo to continue their contribution in the ACAUT as advisors which was accepted.


ACAUT also said the February 8 statement which asserted that Joel Naga and Mar Longkumer attended CCNTHCO meetings in their individual capacities holds no water. It condemned the same press statement which stated that the ACAUT never endorsed CCNTHCO. On the contrary, the ACAUT Nagaland is privileged to be a part of the august gathering of different tribe hohos and CSOs which sincerely took up the Naga issue in the interest of the next generation, it said.


Further, ACAUT termed the statement that “membership in ACAUT ceases automatically if a member joins politics” as devoid of truth and informed that there is no standing resolution as such. The house therefore felt that Khekiye K. Sema has been “unfairly maligned by the adoption of spur-of-the-moment decision” which is arbitrary and demeaning.


In this connection, the ACAUT team wished KK Sema all the best in his endeavour to bring change in the state and it also appealed to all like-minded people to support his vision for a better Nagaland.


Consequent upon the resignations of Joel Naga and Mar Longkumer, the house selected Co-Chairman Tia Longchar as the Acting Chairman of the ACAUT Nagaland. He will continue to hold the same till an alternative arrangement is made, it added.