Access to better education uplifts Nokyan-B village

Some of the students who attend the tuition in Nokyan-B village. (File Photo)
Some of the students who attend the tuition in Nokyan-B village. (File Photo)

Morung Express News
Tuensang | July 4

When the Nagaland state literacy rate was at 80% as per 2001 census, Nokyan-B of Noklak sub division under Tuensang district did not have record of even one HSLC examination passed candidate till 2014.

During such a grim period, the Land Resources Department (LRD), Tuensang adopted Nokyan-B as one of the villages under Special Program for Environment and Economic Development (SPEED), a program initiated by the LRD, Government of Nagaland in commemoration of the 50 year of Statehood.  Under SPEED, the department has adopted 50 villages in Nagaland with the aim to make them economically empowered for sustainable development and also to uplift rural economy and thus, improve the quality of life. 

Recognizing the need in the area of education, the LRD Tuensang under SPEED decided to sponsor tutor for school students at Nokyan-B village.

“We ventured into the area of education feeling the need of the villagers,” said the then District Project Officer (DPO), LRD Tuensang. Talking about the project, he says that though the department is an agri & allied, as long as it is beneficial for the rural populace, one can bend the policies and implement them for bringing development. 

When the village was adopted under SPEED, the villagers brought a request to the visiting department official to sponsor a tutor as the village was educationally lacking behind. With a consensus to bear 50-50 cost of the tutor’s fee, the department agreed to sanction Rs 3000 monthly under PMKSY-WDC. 

“The very next year, two students passed the HSLC examination which was a huge encouragement for the department as well as for the villagers. However, we could be part of the initiative for only two years,” added the officer. 

On the modalities of the tutor, Field Officer, LRD Tuensang informed that the village council was responsible to find the tutor and children are free to come and attend the class which is usually one hour daily on week days, with two shifts, higher section and lower section.  

Sharing his experience, Khamtong, a student attending the tuition said, “Earlier, we did not have the privilege to clarify our doubts as there was no teacher around and also our school is almost 2 km away from the village.” 

He also adds, “There was a fear to face examination since in the past none from my village have passed even the HSLC exam. But now with tutor around, some have already cleared the exam and we are confident to face examination.”

Nokyan-B Village Council Chairman, Koi shares, “the proposal was brought by the villager to the LRD because we want to help our children in studies. The department accepting the proposal and sponsoring for two years have made a big differences in the village. We now have few students who have passed HSLC exam and some are in the secondary and college.”

After two years of sharing the tutor’s fee on 50-50 basis with the department, the fee sponsorship is now entirely on the village council till date, he updated.

Koi also informed that the program has attracted some of the villages around and they have picked up the idea of keeping tutors. 

“If the department had not come forward to partner with the village for the tutor, we would have never seen this happened,” he added.