Andrew Thong’s 'Without You' goes viral



Andrew Thong’s debut single 'Without You' which was released by indihut for free went viral and widely accepted by music lovers from Nagaland and beyond.

Andrew's love and passion for music was evident from a young age as he started learning guitar at the age of 7 and started performing in churches as early as 12 where he got his first experience as a performer. His aspiration to become an accomplished artist led him to discover his song writing skills when he turned 19. Andrew states, "I always wanted to take music classes which would nurture me, but I could not take the classes due to financial constraints."

Andrew is a self taught musician who spends hours listening and getting acquainted with the different genres thereby influencing his unique style and taste in music enabling him to write songs which are contemporary and setting standards for other artists in the region to achieve. Being a dedicated Christian, Andrew believes that his musical gift is a blessing which he would make the best use of by reaching out to the masses through his songs with the message of love, hope and faith in God.

Andrew's brand new single 'Without You' can be downloaded for free using mobile phones and laptops from

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