Aren Sayer: Living more than the music

Aren Sayer: Living more than the music
Aren Sayer: Living more than the music

It is not every day that someone with great musical potential would turn away from the aspiration to be popular and famous or make a living out of it. But that is exactly the attitude of well known worship leader and singer, Aren Sayer. 

With the release of her first official single, ‘Precious Me’ scheduled this September, Christian singer/songwriter and worship leader Aren Sayer is talking deeper about her faith, music and life. 


Aren Sayer: Living more than the music


Doing worship ministry 

Sayer in an exclusive interview with The Morung Express describes her journey in the worship ministry as “very awesome experience yet extremely challenging.” Sayer recalls that she stepped into worship ministry in the year 2005. “I started with no knowledge in the area of worship, but with the grace of God and my leader, I was mentored to reach thus far,” she said. 

After almost 14 years of being part of praise and worship team in the church and ministry, Sayer is now serving as the Worship Pastor at The Lighthouse Church in Dimapur. 

Sayer says that the one thing that attracts her to worship ministry is “the honour and privilege to sing to my Creator just as I am” and for her “worship is for God, to God, and about God.” 


Connecting faith with music 

Talking about how worship shaped her music and the person she is today, Sayer states, “worship has led me to realize that everything is about Jesus Christ, that He is the centre and this revelation has allowed me to revolve my music around Him. My lyrics talks about His goodness, His love. Worship has made me understand the nature of God in a deeper sense and walk more intimately with Him, being fully aware that this is my primary call- to worship my God with everything I have.”

“Only when we truly understand our purpose, our primary calling is to worship God, that God has commanded us to worship Him,” she believes “there won't be any issue or conflict in worship preferences.” 

With the passion she carries for doing ministry through the medium of music, Sayer desires to “fulfill the call of God upon her life, raising up worship leaders who are passionate about Jesus Christ and raising a generation who ardently loves to worship Jesus Christ.”

Being a personality mostly seen on the stage and with young people following, Sayer says that “it is a very humbling journey and also highly risky because someone or the other is always watching your step. It pushes me to live an exemplary life which is not always very easy.” 

Aren Sayer: Living more than the music



Discovering ‘Precious Me’ 

Enlightening on her latest project ‘Precious Me’ Sayer says that it is something that she has been dreaming for a long time, “To reach to the people through music and to minister to them.”

“It is my first music video and also this song is a journey from my season of depression to being released in the freedom of God’s love, experiencing His goodness in my life,” Sayer narrates while adding with excitement “The thing that makes it more special is my husband and baby (yet to be born) are the guest artists in this video. It is a milestone that I am achieving through this music video in my life.”

Sharing the story behind the music, Sayer boldly confesses that from a depressed person who has gone through suicidal tendencies to being changed into a liberated soul, it is “the revelation of who I am in Christ that has set me free to enjoy my salvation to the fullest.”

“My identity is in Him, and knowing I am so precious in His sight just blows my mind away. This is the message this song carries,” she adds. 

“This song is a journey of discovering yourself through the eyes of the one who loves you passionately and that is Jesus Christ. No matter what season you are in, the one thing that never changes is His love for you,” she conveys to the readers and the listeners of her music.  

“As you listen to this song may you be reminded that Jesus Christ is the one real and true love. As you center your life on Him may your reward be His presence and the truth that He considers you as His Precious Lover be your glory,” she added. 


(Morung Express News)