• Breaking down stereotypes
    Today as we converge together to celebrate the lives of women and their contribution to human life, we must find the courage to seize opportunities in finding genuine answers that responds to the imperative nee
  • New Torch bearers
    Since women constitute almost 50% of the State’s population, efforts at nation building will have to take into consideration in full measure and proper perspective, the role and contribution of women in the n
  • Independence is Not the End
    The escalating crisis in East Timor once again serves as reminder that Independence is not the end. It never has been. At best, Independence needs to be perceived as a necessary means through which a nation org
  • Free and Fair
    How to ensure the conduct of free and fair elections on March 8 remains a matter of serious concern for many people including this newspaper. Several public statements have been made by concerned individuals an
  • Children of Conflict
    The nature of armed-conflicts in the present modern world has dramatically changed the political relations towards a ‘new world disorder’ with increasing emergence of the ‘complex humanitarian emergency.
  • Unfair Fight
    It is truly shocking and beyond words to express the tragic loss of four more Naga boys at the hands of the ‘invincible’ naxalites. And what is astonishing is that within the space of twenty days, altogethe
  • Hope – A Decisive Element
    Some have said that Hope is what threatens power; Hope is what drives the revolution forward. If hope is a decisive element that defines the line between status quo and transformation, between oppression and ju
  • Unemployment – a political disease
    Unemployment worldwide has reached high proportions, which according to the International Labor Organizations (ILO) report was 185.9 million people worldwide, or 6.2 percent of the global labor force in 2003-04
  • Inclusive Growth
    The steps that have been taken in the Union Budget to give a boost to the sluggish agricultural sector is a welcome shift from the reform minded Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram as it will ensure that t
  • Losing on Issues
    With announcement of results to the three States which went to polls, except for Manipur, there will be new governments in Punjab and Uttarakhand. The immediate political fallout of the Assembly Elections resul
  • India’s Singurs
    Right from its inception, the proposed small car project of Tata Motors in Singur, West Bengal has come under a cloud with even the Calcutta High Court now questioning the West Bengal Government’s land acquis
  • Critical times
    To say humankind is going through critical times is an understatement. We just need to open our eyes to recognize that the manner in which we conduct human affairs is only hastening the human community towards
  • The Futility of Force
    The one critical lesson emerging from the recent developments in the Middle-East is that military force can no longer guarantee absolute victory. Yes, it can contain and maybe weaken the perceived enemy, but it
  • Contracting Illness
    Close on the heels of the recent NPSC selected lecturer’s appointment standoff, wherein the candidates who were selected after going through a competitive examination had to wait for almost three years becaus
  • Where do we go?
    We live in a time where insanity has become the ruling norm. Though there is an air of complacency and indifference, it will be fair to say that people are tired and quite fed up with the direction that Naga so
  • Deprived Growth
    Nearly half of Asia’s 1.27 billion children live in poverty - deprived of food, safe drinking water, health or shelter. While 600 million children under the age of 18 lack access to one of these basic human n
  • Human Tragedy
    The murderous ploy of terrorists who blasted the peace train—Samjhauta Express—plying between the Indo-Pakistan border and the killing of 67 people, including some Pakistani nationals, is a cruel reminder t
  • Democratic Check
    The landmark decision of the Supreme Court Wednesday February 14 disqualifying 13 Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) legislators in Uttar Pradesh—who broke away from the party to support the Mulayam Singh Yadav go
  • Political Barometer
    After a period of lull, the pace of political activity in the State has stepped up thanks to the bye-election for the Dimapur-I and 54 Tuensang Sadar-II Assembly Constituency to be held on March 8. With the las
  • Engaged to Peace
    North Korea agreed Tuesday to take the first step towards nuclear disarmament and shut down its main reactor within 60 days before eventually dismantling its atomic weapons program.Under the deal, Pyongyang wil