• Expand Communitisation
    Against the backdrop of the suggestion made in The Morung Express editorial ‘State Irresponsibility’ (March 13 issue) calling for handing over of the mismanaged Intangki National Park to the community, the
  • Fiscal Enslavement
    A casual glance of the budget figures for the year 2007-08 shows that except for minor changes in the numerical figures here and there, there is not much to write about the general budget presentation in Nagala
  • Equal Access
    With an Annual Plan outlay of Rs. 900 crores, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has once gain managed to juggle the rupees and the paise and presented what he has termed as a ‘pro poor’ budget. Set to be the last
  • Weak Governments
    The news reportage carried in The Morung Express revealing the gross imbalance over ownership of resources and decision-making in the proposed draft MoU by NEEPCO is an issue of grave concern. It brings to the
  • Supervised Independence
    Emphasizing that “Kosovo is a unique case that demands a unique solution” the UN special envoy for Kosovo has recommended independence as “the only viable option” for Kosovo, which involves an initial p
  • Delimitation Paranoia
    The Delimitation process currently underway for readjusting assembly constituencies in Nagaland is turning out to be a political hot potato with virtually everyone getting into the bandwagon of protest—some f
  • Water
    Human beings are eternally dependent on water for survival. It’s a natural law of life and over time water has become the core natural source that will decisively define the destiny and quality of human life.
  • Prisoners of Uncertainty?
    Growing restlessness and lingering lethargy enveloping the Naga skyline is causing an uneasy sense of acute cynicism and unfocused anger, just churning restlessly for its release. The internal and external cond
  • Gross Neglect
    The deteriorating power situation in Nagaland should be a cause of concern for the political leadership in the State. The blame for the dwindling electricity supply scenario cannot be solely put on the so calle
  • Tab AIDS Fund
    As per a news report carried in this newspaper recently, it has become obvious that the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) is not happy with the (mis)utilization of funds meant for HIV/AIDS campaign in N
  • Sports Friendly
    Every budding sportsperson—and there are many talented boys and girls in the State—should feel encouraged seeing the efforts been given by the present government for the promotion of sports in Nagaland. Con
  • Effective Governance for HIV|AIDS
    The link between theory and praxis is most fundamentally influenced by the structures of governance in place. However very often, when we seek to evaluate the performances of government agencies and institution
  • Dreams into Reality
    The visit to Nagaland of India’s visionary scientist turned President Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam has once again ignited the minds of people both young and old alike to the world of ‘possibilities’ that awaits t
  • 12|12 power play
    The power department has often come under criticism for its inability to meet the growing demand of the consumers. One can rightly understand that this inability has been caused by a number of factors, fundamen
  • Tensions of Truth and Legality
    The supposed ‘global village’ is filled with internal contradictions, which if not addressed constructively could have detrimental consequences to the question of human co-existence. The more aggressively t
  • Poll Lessons
    The results of the bye-elections to the Tuensang Sadar-II and Dimapur-I Assembly Constituencies went as expected with the Opposition Congress and the ruling NPF sharing the spoils at the expense of the BJP, who
  • State Irresponsibility
    The manner in which encroachment and the annihilation of flora and fauna has been reported at Intangki National Park is shocking and deserves the highest condemnation. That the State government remains a mute s
  • Team Cricket
    With the official launching of the cricket world cup on Sunday, fans across the world particularly South Asia will be kept awake, literally, for the next one and a half months getting plenty of action across th
  • No other Option
    The necessity to create a viable and secure political, social, cultural and economic environment that would allow people to exercise their rights continues to be the primary essence of peoples’ movement, the
  • Beyond the Ballot
    Much before even poll dates for the elections to the Manipur State Assembly was announced, it was mentioned in these columns that that it will be one of the most crucial elections that Manipur will undoubtedly