• Political and religious perverts
    Dr T AonokI see God's way of "trying" to wake up the sleeping Church is now? If she doesn't awake, put on the whole armour and go to war, we'll find ourselves being completely overtaken by the dark forces of ev
  • Christianity and Politics
    John Mere One of the options afforded to John Mere's preacher is to teach 'due obedience of the subjects to their princes and of pupils to their tutours, of servants to their masters, with some Lesson for
  • The Compassion Of Christ
    There is no doubt that nothing attracts a larger number of crowds today than sporting events in any parts of the world. It is estimated that more than four billion people watch the Olympic Games on television;
  • Bible Vs Newspaper
    M. Khalenmew YimCTC Aolijen MokokchungJohn H Newman said, " I read my Bible to know what people ought to do and my newspaper to know what they are doing". I, for one do the same and discover each day the s
  • A theology of peace in Northeast
    Tom MangattuthazheThe biblical vision of the world, created and sustained by God, scarred by sin, redeemed in Christ and destined for the kingdom, is at the heart of our religious heritage. In other words, the
  • Theological Education: Where is it heading?
    Rev. Dr. Kavito ZhimoTheological education is a requisite qualification to inter into Christian ministry.  It continues to take the Galilee model in which, Jesus called out his disciples and trained them f
  • God deals with Rebellious
    Pastor B.Amos KaushalNepali Baptist ChurchBurma Camp, DimapurAccording to the biblical account, Korah and his group claim that inasmuch as the entire community is holy, Moses and Aaron have no right to assign t
  • The Unknown Christian
    “Rejoice because your name are written in heaven” (Lk 10:20)Dr.T. AonokWhen your name gets into the Bible and they tell the world and that you are the son of a certain man, and you are an apostle of Jesus,
  • Beware the Roads with Dead Ends!
    1 John 4:18; Mtt. 14:29-31Many Christians starting on the way of the Cross get side-tracked into roads with Dead ends!These roads lead us nowhere. The signal is – “Thou shalt not enter.” It is the command
  • Christian Education in the Home and Effective Parenting
    Ms. Kakheli Inato JimomiGlobal Watch Prayer MinistryHome is the first informal training institute of learning where it moulds, shapes and develops the basic characters of life such as obedience, honesty, affect
  • God’s Power is for us
    God’s power is immense strength that exists in the universe. It is the same power which created the world and each one of us. A power without compare: However, even though we are children of the all-powerful
  • SUNDAY MESSAGE: The Race Of Life
    In today’s world, many are trying to cross the finishing line. People follow hundreds of different paths in order to find meaning in their lives. People are more lost than ever in the 21st century. Mankind ha
  • The Babel Tower: Genesis 11:1-9
    RC Chiten JamirThe New Compact Bible Dictionary describes the Babel Tower as the Gate of God but it is popularly used for the huge and tall structure built in the alluvial plain of Shinar – Gen. 11:1-9. Shina
  • Where are the Peace Makers?
    Dr Thamsing D LamkangFew things are as important as friendship. Friendship without frontiers, without resentment, without problem, without hate. How many barriers we the Nagas have created. Barriers that destro
  • Reflections on Identity
    Kedo PeseyieWe live in very confusing times. Some scholars call today’s age as the post modern age. The very nature of post modernity is confusion where even the foundations of knowledge are questioned. No wo
  • Will any Naga acquire eternal life?
    James 1:22 says, ‘….be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.’ In contrary to what the Scripture said, instead of obeying His word the Nagas are offending God and drifting away fro
  • Who Is Absolutely Right?
    As Christians; we can affirm our belief in absolutes but we must also humble down to admit that we are fallible beings – sometimes we make mistakes. Therefore, sometimes we are right is not to say we are alwa
  • A Kiss For Sale Mtt. 26:15
    RC Chiten JamirJudas Iscariot, one of the disciples of Jesus, covenanted a deal with the chief priests. “What will you give me if I betray Jesus to you?” Then and there the chief priests counted and paid to
  • Easter: The Triumph of Truth and Life
    Christianity was born in the grave. That which sprouts in the fire does not fade in the sunlight; and that which is born in the tomb does not fear death. The day of the resurrection is the birthday of our faith
  • The Meaning of the Resurrection
    Kethoser KevichusaPerhaps the best way to understand something is to simply ask the question: What does it mean? This question basically requires a twofold answer: the first answer deals with the referent (that