• The Valley of the Kukalims: The Wooden Race
    Kedo PeseyieKohima has many hills.  I live on top of one.  One day I ventured down to one of the small valleys and stumbled upon what seemed like a small tree stump shaped like a human body.  I p
  • A call for inaction in the Pulpit
    “Christian men and women, self- renunciation is the cardinal ethic of the Christian church” –  Dr Charles InwoodPolitical and military histories are wrapped up around individual men. History is sprin
  • Larry, The King Of Talk
    Kedo PeseyieI am not much of a television freak.  But the first time I sat down to watch Lawrence Harvey Zeiger’s talk show Larry King Live, I was attracted to this man.  I had always desired the ab
  • My Endless Love
    Bambi Kevichüsa LongchariIt’s been a month now since I got married, and I must say that married life is a little different from what I imagined or expected (its better than I thought). The downside though is
  • It’s not easy to be poor anymore
    Kedo PeseyieThe past few years have seen a lot of progress (or should I simply say “changes”) in the national scene and the local scene.  India secured its place among the ten largest economies in the
  • Curse- what is it?
    Atongla RothrongThe word ‘curse’ simply means the withdrawal of all Gods’ goodness and blessings from one who has turned away from God. In other words, it points to the repercussions or ill-effects of bre
  • Thorns too have roses
    “If you have only complained because roses have thorns, this year rejoice because these thorns have roses”The hardest thing in life is to lose someone who is very dear to us, the hardest thing is to let go
  • A small story of grace
    Al Ngullie I still remember that night vividly more than a decade ago. I woke at around midnight/wee hours and found myself standing on the bed, shivering from an indescribable hollow feeling of terror fel
  • Worship: A Lifestyle
    Worship Series VIC. Cho-oOurs is the generation of advanced science and high technology and of materialism. Therefore, we live in a busy world today. And what happens when we’re too busy? We run out of time.
  • Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world
    R.C. Chiten JamirDown through the corridors of human history, from the beginning of time, the Christians are the great reminder of the lost humanity; God’s search for it: “Adam, where art thou?” (Gen. 3:9
  • So you want to be a Worship Leader?
    Worship Series VC Cho-oLeading worship is not for practice. It will be too expensive for a person to practice at the expense of other worshippers who come to worship service with certain expectations. A blind m
  • Beware of false preachers
    Jonas YanthanThe conversion of Saul into Apostle Paul should be clear enough for any reader of the Bible to understand that to serve man is to serve God. Acts 9:3-5, “Now as Saul approached Damascus, and sudd
  • What About Your Heart?
    Worship Series IVC. Cho-oWorship is a matter of the heart. A joyful heart celebrates, a gloomy heart doesn’t. Worship is primarily celebration (see Psalms, Acts 2:46, 47). Franklin M. Segler said that worship
  • Jesus Our Mediator
    Dr R K Behera Bible tells, “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time” (1 Tim. 2:5, 6). Jesus came
  • Know Your Liturgy: How and Why Do You Worship?
    Worship  Series IIC Cho-oReinhold Niebuhr, quoted by Franklin M. Segler, explains that one reason for the weakness of common worship in American Protestantism is the fact that the free churches have grown
  • Worship, Worship Everywhere: What is Worship Anyway?
    C Cho-oNominalism is one of the biggest contemporary challenges that confronts the Naga churches, the cause of which may be attributed to poor worship and, perhaps, poor preaching. But, the kind of response we
  • Sin Now and Pay Later
    Rev Dr V K NoohFour decades have passed, when Rev. Longri Ao, the fury prophet warned the Naga people time and again saying that, “Nagas will not go unpunished” and he was right. After Nagaland attained sta
  • Some thoughts on Temptation and Evil
    Ellen KonyakThe word evil is a familiar term. We hear of evil deeds frequently and everywhere. It is hard not to be exempted from its effects. Thoughts that intrigued me as I ponder on this very topic are: How
  • Is there a hope?
    Rev N  TzüdirProphet Ezekiel talks about, “...rumours and calamities ...” (Ezek. 7: 26). And true to his prophecy, we live in a world which is full of rumours, calamities and fears – the fear of ter
  • Story of a rich culture & history
    Lemti AlingerThe Centenary celebrations of the Baptist Arogotsür, Changki was held from 7-8th September 2005. On the afternoon of the final day, the ‘Orija Salang’ became a hub of activity, showcasing cult