• The risen Christ appears in Spirit to every Home today (1 Cor. 15: 3-8)
    (N. TIALEMBA PHOM) Mission Centre Nyengching; Longleng   Have you ever seen a dead person coming back to life? If not, have you ever been told by your grandparents/great grandparents such a story
  • Faith in Times of Fate
    Imti Ozukum New Delhi     It is not uncommon that in a society such as ours and especially during a pandemic such as this the spread of rumours, conspiracy theories and end time prophecy i
  • A short Easter message to all
    Jabez Jason Mokokchung   Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,   Today, 12th April 2020 Christians around the globe celebrate this highest and foremost event of our Lord Jesus Christ Res
    V. Atsi Dolie ABCC Mission Compound, Kohima.   Back then, as it happened, it was largely a Jerusalem affair. No one disagrees that Jesus was buried in a tomb nearby the city of Jerusalem, and that
  • Flashing News: Jesus is Risen! He is Alive!
    Wati Aier   In our generation something extra ordinary is happening; the entire world is seized by the dreaded Covit-19. Amidst this dreaded-ness the flashing news in the world this morning reads:
  • When God Fell Asleep: A Holy Saturday Meditation
    Akumsungla Aier   There is not much in the way of scriptural account regarding the Holy Saturday. But have you ever wondered what the first Holy Saturday must have been like for those who loved and f
  • ‘With hope let us proclaim Christ is Risen’
    Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil Bishop of Kohima, Nagaland Dear Friends in Christ,   Let me begin this message wishing you all a very happy and grace-filled Easter! Let the hope of the Risen Lord c
  • Dilemma: To worship Easter Sunday in the Church or online
    Dr John Mohan Razu   Coronavirus is the worst pandemic that hit the world in multidimensional facet and so is a multilayered and thus affects everyone in multiple ways. The impacts COVID-19 is causin
  • Good Friday and the Locked-Down Cross
    Dr Pangernungba Kechu We are celebrating Good Friday in the context of a Global Lock-down. We are all too sure about the fact that the country wide lock-down in India is a difficult cross to be bearing. Unl
  • What’s knocking at the door? A Maundy Thursday Meditation
    James Kalong Today our imaginations, our existence, our entire lives are all gripped by a microscopic virus that is creating so much havoc and panic all over. The world is bracing to contain CoViD-19, to s
  • Understanding Compassion at times of Plague
     Moanaro Imchen “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few- or the one.” This famous dialogue exchanged between Captain Kirk and Spock in the second Star Trek movie “The Wrath of Khan
  • Courage in His Hands
    Moanaro Imchen Here is the question of courage, of being bold and standing still with our heads held high, despite everything. And it is difficult being courageous. A scene of, trust me, being bold and sho
  • Little things matter
    Moanaro Imchen Mokokchung  Our life, as interesting or mundane as it can be, should be appreciated simply because we are living on borrowed time. Our life is but a mould of mud created by our Lord
    And other lies I have been taught   Sentilong Ozukum  My good friend passed away a few of months ago after battling with stomach cancer for less than a year. He was only twenty nine. During
  • The significance of Lord’s Day/Sunday in Christian circle
    Dr. Sashinungla Pongen  OTS  Many people were caught by surprise the morning of January 10, 2019, when good citizens of Dimapur glanced at the newspapers that carried the news of the eventful
  • Storytelling as medium for inclusive worship
    From left to right: Rev. Dr Zhodi Angami, Rev. Dr Marlene Ch. and Rev. Dr L. M. Narola Imchen during the release of the book.      ‘As One: Telling Stories for Inclusive Worship’ book
  • Sabbath and Sunday
    Rev. Dr. Ezamo Murry Each of these two holy days is important to the two Judeo - Christian faiths – Judaism and Christianity. The command to observe Sabbath is one of the Decalogue. It was given as a day o
  • Sunday for the Health Professionals
    Dr. Viu Meru   “And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it
  • The Sanctity of Sunday and Monday Morning Worship
    Rev. Dr. Chekrovei Cho-o   Prologue: “Sunday Closure” in Dimapur has been a topic of debate as well as a matter of practical confusion among the Christians without any concrete conclusion thus fa
    Rev. Dr. Wati Longchar   Easter is a day of great jubilation and it is the most important event in the Christian calendar. It is the day when God in Christ decisively revealed that in Jesus we have b