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  • An empty narrative on secularism
    By D.C. Pathak    There is a spate of seminars and round tables hosted by illusive think tanks and intellectual groups operating out of India - often with the collaboration of foreign-based strategic analysts - on the likely directions the Modi government in its second tenure may be taking to advance its nationalist agenda. Like in the past, the discussions are couched in scepticism about such matters as 'secularism', 'intolerance', 'pluralism', 'majoritarianism' and 'i
  • 'Man who knows too much' -- Karan Singh -- says tread cautiously on Art 35A, 370 
    New Delhi, Aug 3 (IANS) He is the Man Who Knows Too Much, Dr Karan Singh or Tiger as his father Maharaja Hari Singh used to call him fondly, formerly Regent of J&K (from June 20, 1949, he acted as Regent), then Sadr e Riyasat (from November 17, 1952 to March 30, 1965, Karan Singh was the elected head of state of Jammu and Kashmir). On 30 March 1965, Karan Singh, who became the first Governor of Jammu and Kashmir (till May 15, 1967) and the last residual link between feudal and mona
  • That river has rights: new strategy to protect planet
    A view of the Kapawi river, in the Ecuadorean rainforest of Kapawi, some 165 miles (266 kilometers) southwest of Quito October 20, 2008. REUTERS/Guillermo Granja     [adsense:336x280:9821285681] In a growing global movement, environmentalists are trying a new legal route to protect the planet - vesting rivers and reefs with "rights of nature"   WASHINGTON, August 1 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For some, human rights are not enough - it's nature's tu
  • In 21st century, threats 'from all sides' for Latin America's original languages
    Teacher Blas Duarte shows letters in the Maka language at a school used by children of the Paraguayan ethnic group Maka, in Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay July 18, 2019. Picture taken July 18, 2019.  REUTERS/Jorge Adorno   VALLE DE LAS PALMAS, Mexico, July 28 (Reuters) - At school in Tecate in the 1950s, a city sitting on Mexico's border with the United States, Josefina Meza was welcomed by a chorus of children's chants in a language she did not understand. "Pinches
  • Tax exemption never really helped
    By Vinod Mirani  IANS | July 28 Just when the film industry had forgotten what tax exemption or, the popular term, 'tax free, meant, the phrase is back in the use. The Hrithik Roshan-starrer, "Super 30", has been granted tax-free status in the states of Delhi, Gujarat. Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The granting of a tax free tag to a film used to be a regular feature with some state governments since the cinema and the entertainment tax collection were state subject
  • Thousands occupy disputed land in New Zealand in Māori rights protest
    Maori people prepare to welcome Britain's Prince Harry on to Putiki marae during his visit to Whanganui, May 14, 2015. REUTERS/Anthony Phelps     The country's largest builder plans to develop 480 houses in the city of Auckland on land that is seen as culturally significant   WELLINGTON, July 28 (Reuters) - Thousands of people protested in New Zealand on Saturday against a proposed housing development on land seen as sacred to the indigenous Māori people,
  • WASA 50th Annv enters 4th day
    Sechü Zubza | January 14 : The 50th anniversary of Western Angami Sports Association (WASA) has entered the fourth day here today with Wokha Deputy Commissioner Rovilato Mor as host of honour. Speaking on the occasion, Mor greeted the WASA 50th Anniversary on its 4th Day of the tournament. He also expressed his hope that the players can excel and can become good players in Archery as “we are good hunters by nature since time immemorial and hence almost everyone knew the art of shoot