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  • Is liberal democracy under threat?
    BY AMIT KAPOOR  IANS | September 14   Every century has its own defining moment. For the nineteenth century, it was the juxtaposition of imperialism with the industrial revolution while for the twentieth century it was the World Wars and the advent of technology. The world in the twenty-first century seems to be at a similar crossroads. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, liberal democracies seemed to be the best form of societal organisation. The trust on the political
  • Mapping project seeks to secure 'invisible' indigenous lands
    A indigenous man from the Tabajara tribe is seen in Tocantins river before the I World Games for Indigenous People in Palmas, Brazil, October 21, 2015. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino   An online project aims to map all of the world's indigenous lands to secure legal rights and alert communities to the threats of illegal logging and mining   BANGKOK, September 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An online project mapping all of the world's indigenous lands will help secure
  • Mine is a layman's view of Hinduism: Shashi Tharoor
    By Vishnu Makhijani    New Delhi, September 13 (IANS) Diplomat-politician-author Shashi Tharoor says he is no scholar of Hinduism and only seeks to give his readers an overview of the faith "as I understand it". "I am neither a Sanskritist nor a scholar of Hinduism and did not set out to write a scholarly exposition of the religion. Mine is a layman's view of Hinduism, and my exposition seeks to give the reader an overview of the faith as I understand it, as well as
  • Newfound comet likely an 'interstellar visitor,' scientists say
    Comet C/2019 Q4 is imaged by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Hawaii's Big Island September 10, 2019. Picture taken September 10, 2019.  NASA/JPL/Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope/Handout via REUTERS   September 13 (Reuters) - A newly discovered comet hurtling toward the orbit of Mars has scientists scurrying to confirm whether it came from outside the solar system, a likely prospect that would make it the second such interstellar object observed in our planetary neig
  • Notion that Ganga is polluted is wrong: Shekhawat
    By Archana Sharma    Jaipur, September 12 (IANS) The Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, in an exclusive interview with IANS, spoke of new challenges for the government's ambitious 'Har Ghar Jal' scheme. He also said that the notion that the river Ganga is polluted is wrong. Shekhawat said that the government has launched water resources information system (WRIS) under which all states have been asked to give soil, moisture, ground water level, rain data et
  • Water found in atmosphere of planet beyond our solar system
    An artist's impression released by NASA on September 11, 2019 shows the planet K2-18b, its host star and an accompanying planet. Courtesy ESA/Hubble/M. Kornmesser/NASA Handout via REUTERS   LONDON, September 12 (Reuters) - Scientists for the first time have detected water in the atmosphere of an Earth-like planet orbiting a distant star, evidence that a key ingredient for life exists beyond our solar system, according to a study published on Wednesday.   Water vap
  • Apple takes on Netflix with a $5-a-month streaming service
    Apple CEO Tim Cook announces new products at an event Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019, in Cupertino, Calif. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)   CUPERTINO, Calif., September 11 (AP) — Apple is finally taking on Netflix with its own streaming television service and, uncharacteristically for the company, offering it at a bargain price — $5 a month beginning on Nov. 1.   Walt Disney Co. is launching its own assault on Netflix the same month, for just $7.   It may be sheer
  • No more burgers and coke? Climate fears hit meat, drink sales
    A woman can be seen through the window of a fast-food restaurant eating a burger in Sydney, Australia, September 29, 2017. REUTERS/Steven Saphore/File Photo   U.N. climate experts have said that global meat consumption must fall to curb global warming and that plant-based foods could help cut carbon dioxide emissions   BERLIN, September 11 (Reuters) - Consumers worried about the environment are cutting their spending on meat and bottled drinks and trying to reduce
  • Failure to adapt to climate impacts will hike inequality, commission warns
    A woman uses a hand pump to fill up a container with drinking water in Chennai, as the city's water supplies ran low, India, June 25. REUTERS/P. Ravikumar   Investing $1.8 trillion in in projects to help communities adapt to the worsening impacts of climate change from 2020 to 2030 could generate $7.1 trillion in net benefits   BARCELONA, September 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From taxpayer-backed flood defences in Miami to shelters keeping Bangladeshis safe
  • 40% Indians fear getting fired for thorny social media posts
    Mumbai, September 10 (IANS) While many people use social media profiles for professional use, over 40 per cent Indians agree that they could get fired from their jobs for controversial content on their social media channels, new research has found. Worryingly, despite being a hotbed for personal information and photos, more than half of users in India have at least one dormant social media account, with 41 per cent admitting they have not even thought about deleting inactive account
  • Preeti Shenoy on good writing and promotion of reading
    IANS Photo   By Siddhi Jain    New Delhi, Sep 10 (IANSlife) As the author of several best-selling books like "Life Is What You Make It" and its sequel "Wake Up, Life Is Calling", Preeti Shenoy has carved a niche for herself. She is on the Forbes longlist of the most influential celebrities in India. Though she has been writing for as long as she can remember, the 47-year-old author says growing up she had never imagined herself as an author. "When I w
  • Revisiting East India Company's history to flag perils of corporate power abuse
    By IANSlife Features    New Delhi, September 9 (IANSlife) Historian and award-winning author William Dalrymple is all set to release his most ambitious and remarkable history book to date, The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of The East India Company. It is believed that this book carries the weight of his entire body of work, a lifetime of research and nights spent reading on days gone by. It took the Scottish writer six years to complete the magnum opus, which not onl
  • India, Pakistan to fight it out on J&K at UNHRC
    New Delhi, September 9 (IANS) After failing to garner support on Jammu and Kashmir from countries individually, Pakistan is now preparing to rake up the issue at the forum of United Nations, mainly with the agenda of internationalizing the matter. Pakistan, which has become desperate ever since the government of India abolished the special status of Jammu and Kashmir granted under Article 370 of the Constitution and bifurcated the state in August, is sending its Foreign Minister Sha
  • Ram Jethmalani: Doyen of criminal law & politician with colour
    New Delhi, September 8 (IANS) Ram Jethmalani and criminal law are so often synonymous and the lines between the two are often so blurred that its tough for a legal intern not to mistake one for the other. Jethmalani was famously known as the doyen of criminal law in the country. His tryst with the subject started at the young age of 18 and he practiced it for nearly 60 years. The former Union law minister died early on Sunday morning after continuous deterioration in his health i
  • Apache has edge over Mi-35 in e-warfare, missile payload
    New Delhi, Sep 7 (IANS) The Apache combat helicopter's capability at electronic warfare, along with its modern firepower, is what is expected to provide an edge to Indian armed forces in a battlefield. As per defence experts, the Apache also scores over the Russian Mi-35 chopper, which it is set to replace, in its night vision capability and missile power. Eight units of the multi-role Apache AH64E (I) choppers - where the 'I' stands for India-specific enhancements - were inducted t
  • Did Vikram lose control and crash land on to Moon after tumble?
    Chennai, September 7 (IANS) Did India's first moon lander Vikram crash on to the lunar surface resulting in the sudden snapping of the communication link with the Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter?   The officials of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) agree to the possibility of such an event as the lander had tumbled and regained its posture minutes before it was supposed to set its legs on the lunar surface.   All was going well with the 1,471 kg Vikram that had
  • When the British poured scorn over Gilgit, saying it was integral part of India
    New Delhi, September 6 (IANS) Even as Pakistan tries to ratchet up the volume on Jammu and Kashmir at various international fora over the next few days, it is pertinent to note that the Janus faced rogue nation has to share the burden of truth and facts with the countries that it is lobbying currently. India is equally adept at studying the semiotics that emanate from the toxic state. In March 2017, in a stunning reversal to its fortunes, the British Parliament passed a resolution c
  • Modi government's multi-pronged approach for 'Mission Kashmir'
    New Delhi, September 5 (IANS) India has a game plan ready with a multi-pronged approach to deal with Jammu and Kashmir post the landmark decision to revoke Article 370 on August 5. Diplomatically, economically and militarily, India has prepared that plan aimed at bringing normalcy in the valley while trying to win global support for its position on Kashmir. The Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, will hold its 42nd Session between September 9 and September 22. Pakistan is expec
  • Indigenous tribes fear hard year ahead after Amazon fires
    A view of Deusdimar Tenharim, vice-chief of the Pakyri indigenous tribe that lives in Tenharim Territory, Amazonas, Brazil, Sept. 1, 2019. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Fabio Teixeira   With Brazil nut trees and medicinal herbs lost to Amazon fires, indigenous communities say they face serious setbacks   TENHARIM TERRITORY, Brazil, September 5 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The vice-chief of the village of Pakyri knows that next year his people will face hard times,
  • Asia's growing coal use could negate global climate change progress, U.N. says
    A worker carries coal in a basket in a industrial area in Mumbai, May 31, 2017. REUTERS/Shailesh Andrade/Files   BANGKOK, September 4 (Reuters) - Asia's heavy and expanding reliance on coal power risks cancelling out global progress towards preventing catastrophic climate change, a top United Nations official warned on Wednesday.   While developing economies such as India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam increasingly turn to cheap coal to meet fast-growing