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  • On educating marginalised in India, fighting losing battle with cancer, rediscovering past
    New Delhi, August 31 (IANS) Read about an organisation of 4,000 leaders - 275 staff members, 3,000 alumni and 1,000 current Fellows - that's transforming the lives of 38,000 students across India who otherwise would not have access to quality education; follow the resolve of a woman diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer but who loses the battle; and finally, deal with the tough choices that force you to carry the baggage of your past. The IANS bookshelf has varied fare
  • Heat-stricken French wine harvests sound climate alarm
    A grape picker harvests grapes of Pinot Noir to produce Cremant, a sparkling wine of the Alsace region, at the Lang vineyard in Wolxheim near Strasbourg, France, August 28, 2018. REUTERS/Vincent Kessler   The grape-harvesting season is moving forward as previously extreme temperatures become the norm, researchers say   LONDON, August 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - If you want to know more about global warming, look to your favourite Beaujolais. Data on grape ha
  • Brazilian indigenous speak out as Amazon fires rage
    In this Aug. 26, 2019 photo, children of the Nambikwara Sarare tribe climb trees as they play in their indigenous reserve in the southwestern Amazon, near Conquista D'Oeste, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. About 98% of all Brazil’s indigenous lands lie within the Amazon. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)     ALTAMIRA, Brazil, August 29 (AP) — As fires raged in parts of the Amazon, Mydje Kayapo sat in a small boat looking out over the Curua River in the Bau indigenou
  • More people, less water? Scientists see risks on upper Nile
    Sudanese fishermen check their boats and nets before they row through the waters of Nile River near Jebel Aulia, Sudan, May 3, 2019. REUTERS/Umit Bektas   Population growth and climate shifts are likely to combine to bring worsening water scarcity, scientists say   LONDON, August 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rapid population growth, combined with a hike in hot and dry years, is likely to dramatically increase the number of people suffering water scarcity on
  • Aadhaar linkage with social media is troublesome
    By Sanjay Kaushik  IANS   As a debate rages on over the floating idea of linking Facebook accounts to Aadhaar, it is time we ponder if this is the only option or there are other better solutions that could not just secure the digital and social media lives of citizens but also ensure their privacy and safety. The main intention of this much discussed about linkage is just one -- to stop fake news which gets viral and heavily propagated via social media in almost no
  • 'Water women' quench thirst of central India's parched villages
    Jal Sahelis, or water women friends, take a break to watch fellow villagers construct a new check dam in Agroutha village of Bundelkhand, India on July 16, 2019. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Annie Banerji   Rural women are taking the lead in restoring water infrastructure to help their families deal with worsening water stress   JHANSI, India, August 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Her face veiled, Kiran Aherwal shoveled gravel into a broad platter, placed it on h
  • How modernisation deleted endangered tribe's dialect
    By Shahroz Afridi & Prabhatesh Tripathi   Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh), August 27 (IANS/ 101Reporters) On a sweltering summer evening, Inder Chalthiya and the other members of his tribe were out in the wild, preparing for a ritual of sacrificing an animal to the village gods. Inder was responsible for handling the final moments of the goat. He was supposed to follow the instructions given by a tribe elder but could not understand properly what the elder said in the loca
  • From Vajpayee to Jaitley: BJP loses its stalwarts in 1 year
    In this Oct 12, 2001 file photo, is seen then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee having a conversation with then Union law minister Arun Jaitley. Photograph: PTI Photo   While the Modi government had jump-started its second innings taking one major decision after another, there is a deep sense of loss in the party over the demise its key leaders.    New Delhi, August 26 (ANI): With the demise of former Union minister Arun Jaitley, the Bharatiya Janata Party
  • 'Financial education important for budding entrepreneurs'
    By Arundhuti Banerjee    Thimphu, Aug 24 (IANS) Pema Choden Tenzin, a young female entrepreneur and the founder of Bhutan's only women's magazine, says that slowly but surely the scenario is changing and the government is quite encouraging towards the start-up business and also gives financial support if there is a proper revenue model. "While there is a buzz around it now, it is also important for the youngsters to understand that the government will only support a
  • Arun Jaitley leaves behind a rich and chequered legacy
    FILE PHOTO: Arun Jaitley speaks at a news conference in New Delhi, India, January 24, 2018. (REUTERS/Saumya Khandelwal/File Photo)     New Delhi, August 24 (IANS): After it returned to power with a thumping majority this May, the exhilaration of having achieved 303 seats dimmed slightly for the BJP with Arun Jaitley's announcement that he would not be a part of the Narendra Modi government. The party's chief troubleshooter opted out of active office due to poor healt
  • Arun Jatiley: The editor's choice prime minister
    New Delhi, Aug 24 (IANS) A lawyer-turned-politician will be as staid an introduction for Arun Jaitley as a cricketer-turned-commentator for Sunil Gavaskar. A brilliant strategist and one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's most trusted colleagues, Jaitley was far more than an accomplished lawyer and many notches above his contemporaries in politics. The overcrowded grand stage of Delhi's intoxicating power elite has paused. It has lost one of its main protagonists, who passed awa
  • As students map the weather, an Indian village bests its water woes
    Ninth grader Vamshi Voggu at the automatic weather station on the school premises in Kothapally, India, on July 31, 2019. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Roli Srivastava   A weather station monitored by students - part of a range of water-smart innovations - has turned around a parched village   KOTHAPALLY, India August 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The village school in Kothapally, in southern India, has only a handful of amenities - blackboards, desks and chairs,
  • Emma Watson among advisory group calling on G7 for progressive feminist laws
    Actress Emma Watson at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Beverly Hills, California, U.S., 04/03/2018. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok   Watson, Murad and women's rights leaders from more than 20 countries have identified nearly 80 'good practices' in gender equality law   NEW YORK, August 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Actress Emma Watson and Nobel laureate Nadia Murad will join other women's rights activists on Sunday to urge powerful world leaders at the Gro
  • Seeking answers to the real Sunanda Pushkar
    New Delhi, August 23 (IANS) Just who was Sunanda Pushkar? A businesswoman par excellence, a socialite or a high-profile politician's wife. Just like her death in a hotel room in the national capital on January 17, 2014 has raised more questions than have been answered, there is no easy way to define the Sunanda that lived. "There are undoubtedly many who will still remember and sorely miss her, but with time, the memories have been packed and stored away in the deep recesses of
  • Conduct DNA test on Netaji's ashes: Daughter urges PM Modi
    New Delhi, August 22 (PTI): Amidst raging controversy about the end of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, his daughter Anita Bose Pfaff on Thursday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure DNA tests are done on the ashes kept at Renkoji temple in Japan to "bring out the truth" and alleged that certain people in the previous governments had "neglected" the matter as they "never" wanted the mystery to be solved.   Lauding Modi for his efforts to solve the mystery surrounding his
  • A CDS for the armed forces must come with full play
    By Lt-Gen Harwant Singh (Retd)  IANS   The proposal for appointing a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) has been doing the rounds since the time of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister and Lord Mountbatten, the last British Viceroy in India. In response to a communication from Lt.Gen M.L. Chibber, former Director General Military Operations (DGMO), Mountbatten wrote in 1977: "Last time Nehru stayed with me here at Broadlands, before the Chinese invasion, I u
  • Developing ties with Bhutan
    By Shubha Singh  IANS   Prime Minister Narendra Modis two-day visit to Bhutan was aimed at re-engaging with the Himalayan neighbour during his second term in office as part of his ‘neighbourhood first policy. The visit had added significance since Bhutan has been changing under its new government and India-Bhutan ties had to be reoriented to the new winds blowing in Bhutan. In 2014, Thimphu had been the first foreign capital Prime Minister Modi had visited shortly
  • Entrepreneurship took a beating due to demonetisation
    By Mohammed Shafeeq  Hyderabad, August 19 (IANS) Since its emergence on the global information technology map in late 1990s, Hyderabad grew as a key economic hub over the last two decades and is currently seen as one of the cities with best entrepreneurship and start-up eco-system in the country. However, entrepreneurship was impacted by various developments over last few years, especially demonetization in 2016 and introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime a year
  • When night falls over the city, jawans on alert to keep Kashmir safe
    Kashmiri woman washes clothes in an alley during restrictions after the scrapping of the special constitutional status for Kashmir by the government, in Srinagar, August 14, 2019. (Photo by Danish Siddiqui/Reuters)   Srinagar, August 18 (PTI) From dawn to dusk, and sometimes from dusk to dawn as well, the hours pass by in wakeful alertness for paramilitary troopers tasked with ensuring law and order in a land that is many hundred miles from home. In the long hours of
  • The opposition's blind spot
    BY D.C. PATHAK  IANS | August 18   Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly began his Independence Day address by declaring that the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A, approved by the two Houses of Parliament with a two-third majority, had restored 'One Nation, One Constitution' for India. In a play of domestic politics, however, the developments relating to Kashmir are producing a political fallout at home in which the principal opposition strangely is showing up as the