• The Judiciary: Cutting Edge of a Predator State
    Prashant BhushanAt a time when the dominant class in India is obsessed with power and when India appears to be at the threshold of becoming an “economic and military superpower”, it is interesting that Tehe
  • India’s veneer of Religious Integration
    Praful BidwaiIndia, which has long prided itself as a shining example of democracy and religious-cultural pluralism, is being forced to contend with an unpleasant truth: the foundations of its claim to religiou
  • Democracy Besieged
    Ram PuniyaniThere may be various parameters to judge the prevalence of democratic spirit in a country. One of them may be how well the minorities are doing, how safe they feel, how aligned they feel, how much a
  • Women and Poverty
    Vidya Bhushan RawatIn the country of one billion people over 24% of the population belong to Dalits and tribals. Nearly 80% of the Dalit population in India lives in villages and very interestingly the gender r
  • The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions
    Dr Bhaskar DasguptaOver the past few weeks, I was reading in the newspapers about various decisions made, and I cannot help but wonder whether these people have simply taken leave of their senses. I know common
  • Community radio gets its day
    Subramaniam VincentFinally, it feels the way it must feel. Relief, that community radio stations will be a reality soon, and excitement, that there is much to look forward to. An NGO can now get a license to ai
  • Irom Sharmila Chanu’s Epic Satyagraha
    Harsh DobhalNew private ward. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. As you enter the building, about a dozen policemen and intelligence personnel stop you. After seeking permission from a
  • Impact of the US-India nuclear deal on India’s fissile production capacity for weapons
    Daryl G. KimballThis week, the Senate might debate and vote on proposed legislation (S. 3709) to relax long-standing restrictions on U.S. nuclear trade with India, which is not a member of the nuclear Nonprolif
  • The new Vietnam welcomes the world
    Karl D JohnThe capitalist credentials of Vietnam’s Communist Party will be under the global spotlight when the country hosts the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. [1] At the same time, the mass
  • To contest in interest of Nagas
    The tribals of Manipur constitute a sizable percentage of total population consisting of abut 30 odd tribes living in the five hill districts namely Chandel, Churchandpur, Tamenglong, Senapati and Ukhrul.  
  • Beijing’s growing respect for India
    Pallavi Aiyar Even as China has become a “model” that India’s political and business classes look to emulate whether it comes to special economic zones or urban planning, the Chinese until recently w
  • In India, the wages of distrust
    Sudha Ramachandran A recent media report has pointed out that Muslims have been kept out of some wings of India’s intelligence apparatus. While the thin presence of Muslims in jobs and education is well
  • Saluting Thailand’s military-run economy
    Shawn W Crispin For those looking for chinks in Thailand’s new government’s armor, they’ll be hard-pressed to find any vulnerability in the military-appointed interim administration’s economic stew
  • A note to teachers: Don’t leave the kids alone in the classroom
    Benjamin MaikhoThe famous mind boggling Pink Floyd song ‘Another brick in the wall’ goes ‘hey teachers leave the kids alone, we don’t need no education’. Today our kids need education. Education is so
  • Nepal’s experiment with Maoism
    Dhruba Adhikary The deal reached on Wednesday in Nepal is being described as historic. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, who has been leading a coalition government since May, told the Nepali people th
  • Christian decline in Holy Land echoes Pope’s worries across Muslim world
    Brian MurphyThe death threat came on simple white fliers blowing down the streets at dawn. A group calling itself “Friends of Muhammad” accused a local Palestinian Christian of selling mobile phones carryin
  • Two White Sisters in Asia: Israel and Australia
    M. Shahid AlamIn a recent interview published in Haaretz, Naftali Tamir, the Israeli ambassador to Australia, articulates a perennial need for ‘white’ collaborators that has defined the Zionist project sinc
  • The conflict cannot wait
    Roni Ben EfratChallengeAmerica’s entrapment in Iraq creates a vacuum through the Middle East. The way out of that war has become the great question of US politics. Mid-term Congressional elections are due on
  • ‘Affiliation of schools to NBSE – Nagas come closer’
    It is good news for the Naga students of Manipur four hill districts that the Nagaland government has decided to allow the students of the four Naga districts to appear for the Class X Examinations to be conduc
  • Clarity of Sin
    Richard HumtsoeGod knows that acrimony and detestation can cause severe headache; a desire for revenge can cause ulcers.These attitudes hurt other people too. God showed his love for us by setting certain limit