• Trespassing the Law of Nature and its consequences
    Anita EzungIn the year 2004, leopards of the national park of Mumbai made world headlines. Leopards all of a sudden became man eaters. So, when the naturalist studied the strange phenomena of the animal behavio
  • Living in a violent driven society
    Nehemiah RongEach day brings to us a story of joy and pain, birth and death, failure and success, positive construction and negative destruction. A tear of joy and sadness was not absence on hearing them. Some
  • The First Cut
    T SiamchinthangSomeone has rightly said, the first cut is the deepest. In the same vein, it is hard to forget one’s first love. Really, the first love can bring lots of unforgettable memories. Those sunshine
  • Policing the Police
    Lijaba AoAs far as my understanding goes, Police is a civil force responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintainance of public order. The members of such a force are whom we call the Pol
  • To be a sentimental martyr
    T SiamchinthangGetting sentimental by looking at nature around can be quite natural and often leads to an outburst of our feelings. The rising sun, the cool breeze, the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the roo
  • Of Letters & Email
    Vishii Rita KrochaLetters, greeting cards, postcards - the heartfelt gestures and the most meaningful ones if you would agree with me. Do they still work like before? Yes! it can never lose the significance and
  • My studious journey (A reminiscence)
    SiamchinthangThere I was! What most sensible people would spell it in a sentence...... “Between the devil and the deep sea”, in the sense, my parents pressure to pursue higher studies from some reputed inst
  • My lost friend
    Atongla RothrongHave you ever lost someone who meant more to you than your own soul? I did. I lost a friend. It took me four whole tortured years to take in his death. I had to stand by and picture my wonderful
  • Welcome to wherever you are
    Jungtina Jamir“Maybe we’re all different but we’re still the sameWe all got the blood of Eden running through our veinsI know, sometimes it’s hard for you to seeYou’re caught between just who you are
  • Value of life
    Daikho AnthonyLife is a journey. Everyday different people travel different means. That is a daily affair in course of human life. But in course of journey if some one meet with an accident. Yes, there will be
  • A thriller named ‘journalism’?
    Sothing ShimrayGod must be wondering why his special creations – the Homo sapiens – are so ethnocentric so as to make a pretty lady shed so many sweet tears. Who knows, God must be retrospecting where he we
  • Smile :-)
    Vishii Rita KrochaSmile, smile, smile, Keep smiling. Life’s so beautiful! But I often forget to smile...... In between life’s numerous pleasures, joys and beauties, there comes a time when you turn all blue
  • From here to eternity
    Al NgullieI believe Death, in its own morbid way, is an inspiration to live life to the fullest. Ever since I started writing, circumstances have seemed that death, in all its sinister forms, has constantly mad
  • A world of my own
    K. S. SaniDimapur sure is becoming congested. Yesterday, looking out for nothing in particular, yet hoping to come across something out of the ordinary, I sauntered aimlessly along the streets and alleys of Dim
  • Long hours of the Law
    Al Ngullie There’s no other earthly heaven like going out hunting for news. For all what office-induced backaches can promise, nothing beats gearing up with Notepads, a Dictaphone, a Camera, a bottle of
  • My old school uniform niche
    Merenkumla Uniforms are all around you in daily life. Everybody wears a uniform of some sort. If you play sports, you wear a uniform. If you have a job, you wear a uniform. Wearing a uniform for a couple o
  • Significance of Chaaga Gaddi
    AkauboChaaga Gaddi is the most important and the biggest festival of Zeliang Naga. It is the Festival of Purification for male, and traditionally falls on the last part of the 10th month of the yearUsually Chaa
  • Common visions fun-weekend
    Akhono Wüprü & Theithei ShishakThe Common Visions Foundation for children had organized two fun-weekend programs earlier this year at Sakraba and Tseminyu respectively. This newly registered NGO had been
  • Don’t Trust those who say ‘trust me’
    Mimi RamanI recently had, by far one of the most tumultuous and trying time of my life. To many it may seem nothing at all, but to those like me (that is, overly sensitive and even more romantic in all and any
  • The Taste of Success
    Chubatola AierOne of the advantages of being a teacher is that you can get plenty of opportunities to interact with young people both within and outside the college. On these different occasions, such as maybe