• Bangkok delights beyond its nightlife, shopping
    What will you do in Bangkok for seven days travelling with your family? The question, raised by a few friends just before we left for Thailand's capital could have even raised a doubt or two in our minds on whe
    Acne is an extremely condition affecting nearly 80% population at some point of life. It is among the top 5 disorders that present to our OPD at CIHSR. The term acne and pimple are one and the same, consisting
  • Crusading for God in Ourselves or Against the Devil in Others?
    Naga dancers in traditional attire, perform a dance during the Hornbill festival at Kisama village on the outskirts of Kohima, Nagaland, India on Monday, December 2, 2013. The 10-day long festival named after t
  • Beria is in the village council
    Tungshang Ningreichon (L) and Beria Wanglum ( R) are seen here at the 9th Women’s Conference and Assembly held at Chandel in October 2013. I met Beria Wanglum at the 9th Naga Women’s Conference
  • A diplomat and a double-standard laid bare
    Indian activists of an organization called Dalit Cobra shout slogans during a protest outside the U.S. consulate in Mumbai, India on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. The arrest of an Indian consular Devyani Khobragade
  • Be a builder of a New World
    Shalom 2014. Each and every one of us can play a part in God’s plan to remake our world into a new one. “The wealth of 200 richest people exceeds the combined annual income of the world’s 2.5
  • Paving way for others
    On January 5, the first Sunday of this year, among many other news that appeared in the local dailies, one which caught the attention of the readers was the report about Chief Secretary, Alemtemshi Jamir contes
    The Naga Blog is a forum on facebook where Nagas from Nagaland and around the world network, share ideas and discuss a wide range of topics from politics and philosophy to music and current events in Nagaland a
    The Naga Blog is a forum on facebook where Nagas from Nagaland and around the world network, share ideas and discuss a wide range of topics from politics and philosophy to music and current events in Nagaland a
  • A Hunting Community Takes Steps Toward Conservation
    Schoolchildren playing in Pangti village of Nagaland in Nov, 2013 In the fall of 2012, the people in this northeastern state, which is known for its hunting traditions, killed about 150,000 federally prote
  • From feared spymaster to art gallery owner
    In this October 20, 2013 photo, Khin Nyunt, a former junta leader once known in Myanmar as the Prince of Darkness smiles in Yangon, Myanmar. Khin Nyunt had been among the country’s most feared figures - a
  • Burmese Nagas joins The Naga Blog:
    Banner Tort Reign: Hello!! Dear brothers and sisters from India,I would like to greet all of you Happy New Year!  Upon requests from some brothers and sisters from India to share the situation of Nagas in
  • Bizarre Stories of 2011
    1. Dead Alien Found in RussiaThrough all the breaking stories of 2011, the political coups and natural disasters, the movies and the mayhem, we bring you some of the more bizarre incidents that added to the col
  • Naga Bloggers reach out to fire victims in Mon
    While most people in Kohima and Dimapur were busy celebrating Christmas with their near and dear ones. Young members of The Naga Blog decided to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by setting out on a journ
  • Don’t give up, God is for you
    Research shows the same Top Ten New Year resolutions crop up every year. Why? It’s obvious. Because they’re just so hard to keep! While a lot of people who make new year resolutions do break them, r
  • New Year's Eve Do's and Don'ts
    Another year, another New Year's Eve celebration that could go very right ... or very wrong.We're here to help you. Read this list to ensure having the best NYE ever. Or, at the very least, read this list to en
  • Bitter Wormwood
    The struggle for independence from India by the Naga people, indigenous inhabitants of the Naga Hills, has been a story hidden for several decades. Cleverly concealed by censorship on newspaper reports, there w
  • 2012: New Year... New Resolutions ‘A resolve for every morning of the New Year’
    So, are you still working on your 2011 New Year resolution? We all make promises to improve ourselves at the beginning of each New Year. It has become quite a part of our New Year celebration and 2012 is not go
  • 'The art of merry making'
    We have overheard from our grand parents that when a hen is brought from the bazaar it is advised that the feathers are never to be burnt in the hearth lest the other hens are affected by that alien fowl. 
  • Evils of temptations
    I kept not the vows I made to GodBut the God who made me still prayed for meBelieving in the lie of the devil I was deceivedThe voices of deception and rejection ensnared meLost in a world of frustration and de