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  • Let me dust my mirror
    Noel ManuelThe mirror is a special object that adorns the wall of every household. It is an important item in our lives and apparently there are two reasons that make us trust the mirror so much. It reflects ou
  • Journey of conquering heroes to Kohima
    The story of children of Nagas in scattered places –east, north, south and centre (Kohima) and their hardships and sufferings at the hands of the rulers is one of the epics of all time. The past happenings in
  • Yes/No to Indian DemocraZy: Why Afzal should not be Hanged?
    Lemyao ShimrayMohammad Afzal Guru has been sentenced to death by The Supreme Court of India on a ground that he must DIE to satisfy the collective conscience of Indian nation. Afzal was arrested on the charge o
  • A salute to Irom Sharmila in the context of the AFSPA
    Kaka D. IraluAs a Naga nationalist and human rights activist, I wish to sincerely express my deepest respect and admiration to my Meitei neighbour and sister Sharmila for her courageous and sacrificial six year
  • Factors that changed Wangtin Naga’s life
    Deputy Kilonser for Home Affairs NSCN (K), Wangtin Naga was born as Wangtin Konyak on 7/7/1970 to Mr. Yeamwang Konyak, a humble agriculturist of Phoktong village Mon District. He did his primary and middle scho
  • Irony of India’s Smile to Nagas
    This note is for everyone to judge whether India truly wants solution with the Nagas or not. To begin the narration:In the 1940’s, the Greater Merge Movement of the Nagas was forcibly suppressed by GOI taking
  • Nagas’ uneasy peace
    VK Shashikumar, Editor of CNN IBN Special Investigation Team interviewed Brigadier Phunthing, Convenor of the Ceasefire Monitoring Cell NSCN (IM) at its Mount Gilead Camp, Nagaland. This is the full transcript
  • The significance of Khiamniungan Tsokum festival
    The entire Khiamniungan Naga observes Tsokum festival in the first week of October every year since time immemorial where ritual takes place both at village and jhum fields. This is mainly observed to pray to t
  • Handling Disappointments
    Sentilong OzukumHave you ever experienced disappointment? You are smiling back at me. “What? Who in this world has not been visited by this painful torn called disappointment’? Of course I have! Ooops�
  • ‘We are optimistic about the peace process’
    CNN IBN Special Investigation Team interviewed Keviletuo Kiewhuo, Vice-President, Naga Ho Ho in Kohima, Nagaland. This is the full transcript of the interview.Keviletuo Kiewhuo, Vice-President, Naga Ho Ho was i
  • Rejoinder to ‘quit notice to Tangkhuls’- an appeal to NSCN(K)
    The term NAGA is defined by blood and flesh and never on the basis of the artificial boundaries demarcation. To divide Naga families on the basis of boundaries and territories peripheral is against the principl
  • Let me light up my tunnel
    Noel ManuelWhen we cultivate a strong obsession to do something, we know that the light at the end of the tunnel cannot be far. It is the passion (fire) that actually gets us there.Today when we talk about life
  • A tribute to the ‘Father of the Nation’
    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born at Porbander in Gujarat on 2nd October 1889. He is also called the “Father of the Nation”. He single-handedly led the struggle of Indians Freedom movement through Non-vio
  • Preventive measures for women
    India sub-continent is a raping, killing ground in the world, like the ancient Nineveh people. People of Nineveh were extremely wicked, raping, killings, extortion, robbery and corruption etc, all sorts of thei
  • A sanctuary without any awareness
    The declaration of Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary by the state govt. under Pungro sub-division Kiphire district of Nagaland, remain silence without any awareness campaign or seminar to local communities on hunting or
  • The mystery that surrounds socialism
    I am once again compelled to write this rejoinder to clarify the mystery that surrounds socialism; which is forced down the throats of our Naga people. As we the Nagas have never sanctioned socialism in any for
  • Yongam village: Farming paradise on Earth
    J. LongkumerThe Farmers’ Cell, SASRD, Nagaland University, Medziphema Campus, comprising of a team of teachers, conducted a two day training programme on Pest and Disease Management in Rice and Vegetables, Pi
  • Rules relating to State Emblem of Nagaland
    Ruopfulenuo Huozha & Lolano P. KhuvungThe State Emblem has been adopted by the State Government of Nagaland with the approval of the State Cabinet Vide No. CAB-2/2003 Dt. 04-08-2005 and Notification No. CON
  • Our commitment to reconciliation
    Abraham Lotha(On behalf of the Catholic Church, Nagaland)First of all, on behalf of the Catholic Church, I would like to congratulate the NBCC for initiating this Healing and Reconciliation Movement to usher in
  • A twelve year old baby university!!
    Longrangty LongcharThe Nagaland University is the highest seat of learning in the state, however, in the recent poll conducted by the Morung Express on the topic of whether our university is at par with other u