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  • Victims of Politics
    Medowe KapfoIt has been said but not often enough that all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. To Marcus Olson, “Powers make all politicians behave like robbers, of whom some are very bad a
  • Facts and grievances of the tribal people of NE
    Dr. Tsuktimeren AoIt seems the Nagaland University has already started a Tribal Research studies under the department of sociology. This is really an eye opener which would pave the way to many local scholar, a
  • Nagaland and Its cultural resources: A rich but unprotected heritage
    Every cultural resource constitutes potential information about past human activities which help expand our knowledge of the past and in turn reaffirm and strengthen our cultural identity. But presently, these
  • Absolutely Relative
    Sentilong OzukumI’m often challenged by my friends and colleagues because of what I believe and more often because of how I try to make them believe what I believe. I’m often faced with challenges like- “
  • Society and the Disadvantaged
    Dr. N. YanthanShould a society look upon a certain section of its people as 'no good' and thus put a mark of condemnation on their foreheads? Is that a right thing to do? Is it acceptable to a right thinking pe
  • Which Political party can salvage the Nagas?
    Close on the heels of another election some political parties are, once again, making lot of promises and assurances just for electoral gain, although none of them can really implement them. On political agenda
  • The Burden of unemployment
    The greatest problem existing in the state is the burden of educated unemployment. Unemployment has driven many youths into anti-social activities in many parts of the town in order to meet their desires or wan
  • Politics and the urbane youth: A perspective
    Al NgullieFor urbane (not urban) Naga youths, a tendency to be revolted by politics and politicians alike is a mutual standpoint. For this section of modern, careerist Naga advents – the professionals and nut
  • Repentance brings healing
    Rev. J.Thungjamo LothaMy heart was so much saddened when I saw a news article, titled, “ Rev. Dr. Shishak excommunicated,” that appeared in the website of Kuknalim on September 11 (Tuesday), 2007, My heart
  • Use of cell phone in meetings/public
    Very often we hear remarks like “People in Nagaland are not disciplined,” “Nagas are not cultured,” “We are not civilized” etc. If Nagas are disciplined and maintained decency, a lot of problems pre
  • Public clarification
    Samsok Shimray, Ukhrul.My attention has been drawned by various rejoinders on the boycott of Rev. Dr. Tuisem A Shishak by the Tangkhul Naga Long (Hoho). Interestingly, all of these objections were raised by ind
  • Dialogue on Tuisem’s ‘Confession’
    Can I also say something on Shishaks debacleIt’s a short note for now, as I will be giving more inputs in the course of our debate.First of all, all writers on Shishak “for or against” have not really dwe
  • Concerned over Dr. Rev Tuisem’s ex-communication
    Rev. L. Suohie MhasiDr. Rev. Tuisem Shishak is one of the trustworthy senior leaders, not only in Tangkhul Tries but among the Nagas as a whole. His integrity and dedication for the lord and for bringing up the
  • Use and Misuse of RED CROSS Emblem in Nagaland enlightened
    Rev. Dr. L. TsansoMost people recognize the Red Cross on a background of white as an international symbol of humanity. What is not so well known is the fact that the use of this emblem is spelled out in interna
  • Brave Heart – The Similarity in Betrayal and Greed
    Kedi HaraluIt was many years back, when I was studying in New Zealand, when I had watched Mel Gibson play the part of William Wallace in the blockbuster movie, Brave Heart. It did not mean much at that time and
  • In defence of Dr. Tuisem Shishak
    Kaka.D.IraluI was shocked to read about the ex-communication of Dr.Tuisem Shishak by the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL). And even as I write, I hope it is just the work of some vested interests in the TNL and not the
  • Crying voice of Kalhang village
    NgathingjhuiThere are about 230 villages in TangkhuI Naga territory. Each village is being ruled or headed by a village chief called headman (awunga) which means angh/king.when a village was first discovered, t
  • Render unto Cong, NSCN’s what is their’s
    Bendang AierOf late, the burning issue in the political circles of Nagaland, as is apparent in the local media reports in the last few days, is the speculation of the return of SC Jamir, Governor of Goa to Naga
  • Nagaland requires generational change in politics
    Kedi HaraluThe next General Elections which is just behind the corner, is going to be rather interesting, since there are quite a few new players entering the Arena plus they are all educated and well versed wi
  • Pleasure of stupidity
    Medowe  KapfoA majority of people believe that stupidity will lead us nowhere. For them it is the worst possible condition in which to spend one’s life, and if possible, it should be completely avoided.