COVID-19: Social distancing protocol- Part II

COVID-19: Social distancing protocol- Part II
COVID-19: Social distancing protocol- Part II

People maintain social distancing during shopping hour in Midland, Kohima. (Morung Photo)


Chizokho Vero
Kohima | May 3 

The Morung Express has been gathering views from a cross section of people regarding their views and observations on social distancing protocol during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

“If we want to stay safe we have to maintain social distancing protocol,” said H Chishi, President, Nagaland Press Association (NPA).

He added that everyone must try to follow preventive measures issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), central and state governments and local authorities.

 “Life or rush? Which is more important to you?” asked Khrienuo Liezietsu, Miss Kohima 2019.

She told others not to rush to get things and put “your life at risk because the main route of transfer of this virus is through social contact.”

“Always imagine that an invisible person is standing between you and the real person and maintain that distance when in public place,” Liezietsu said.

Social distance everyone! Stay safe, she added.

A concerned citizen, K Basil Peseyie maintained that social distancing has become the ultimate remedy towards preventing community spread of the pandemic in the absence of any cure at the moment. 

“Unquestionably, deliberate social and physical distancing is 'alien' to our tribal culture. However, these unprecedented times  calls for an adaptability and taking serious note on the protocol of social distancing to stay safe and save lives,” he said.

Peseyie also felt the need to spread more awareness to contain COVID- 19 through the concept of social distancing.

  “Every individual decides the fate of the ongoing battle that the world is embroiled in. A fight without distinction of sorts, pitted against a common enemy,” stated army officer, Lt Col Vincent Patton.

“While we may be averse to all that which comes by way of diktaks, yet this time around, what may seem insignificant could be our best shot at survival i.e,...'Social Distancing'. Observe 'Social Distancing', at least for those who mean something to you,” he said.
“May humanity prevail,” Patton asserted.