Do you support State Government’s approval to appoint health workers with one-time relaxation of laid down rules and procedures for recruitment, regularization, and condonation of age in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    One cannot stop the worship for nothing.

•    Need of time

•    More vacancies should be created for the doctors. Protesters should demand more post creation , but not revocation of newly 27 inducted and 19 contract MOs. Government made the decision because many doctors were not willing to apply aka serve during COVID pandemic. This was a genuine open advertisement,  followed all procedure , conducted interviews via webinar cum MBBS marks weightage

•    Equal opportunities were given to all those qualified candidates but only willingness candidates have applied ,some were even resigned from their existing vacancy...Govt has taken the right decision at this pandemic


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

•    Because it is absolutely not fair to NHM Doctors. Regularised before they even join duty without any exam, how can that be fair when NHM doctors have served for years. In fact NHM Doctors are usually the only doctors in the outpost while the Regular MOs stay in Kohima and Dimapur and do their own private practices while drawing government salary. If it was advertised that they will be regularised like this then all NHM Doctors would have applied. But it was not advertised this way and hastily regularising the newly appointed contractual doctors is discriminatory and flouts all rules and regulations on regularisation.

•    It's too early to our state to have relaxed, because COVID 19 is still initial stage in our state stil we need lockdown.

•    All employees of the state in all departments have equal rights and work equally the same in the building of the nation. One cannot survive without the other? Can health workers live without agriculture department, or police, etc. It's like that...

•    Should be on merit basis through competitive exams for permanent recruitment

•    They were recently appointed, and the procedure should be done through NPSC norms. There is many Youngster who are willing to try in an open competition Examination and are waiting for  many years. So it is not justice to the qualified Naga people'.

•    In our state already over strength state employees are there, so it will put state to another financial problem.

•    If they want to give Regularisation for the post , Government can conduct special examination for the Doctor vacancy and it is possible if Government think in an positives ways, otherwise is it not good to regularised the contract Doctor Without Exam who search only 2 week

•    What one time affair? This is the regular tactic used by the government to flout rules and regulations to suit their own interests.

•    How comes the Medical Department is so insensitive to the plight of NHM doctors. Instead of looking out for their own NHM Doctors they are selfishly regularising contractual appointees who have not even joined duty.

•    In this modern world it is just not fair at all .There are so many honest, well qualified, dedicated candidates hungry to serve and give. Everyone should get  equal opportunity to serve and the best should be make to serve. It doesn't mean they are not well qualified. Likewise, in this short period of time in democratic society everyone should be given the right opportunity. Let the fittest serve us!

•    If the government wants to give incentive then the pay scale of the newly appointed contractual doctors can be raised or even doubled or tripled. However, flouting rules and regulations and calling it a one time affair speaks volumes about the true intent of the Heads of the Medical Department and the Government. As usual, someone has taken advantage of a pandemic. Any sane person can see that this is pure manipulation and taking advantage of the situation for their own selfish interest.

•    Becoming a human doctor there should be well qualified in there owned specialist. to engage any pandemic.

•    Not at all. Service rules cannot be twisted just to serve the interest of few individuals in power. If there's urgent requirement, contract appointments can be made but not regularisation at any cost. There should be competition and meritocracy if Nagaland Government wants efficient servants to work under it. Otherwise, there will be inefficiency and incompetency by backdoor appointees in discharging the policies of the government like we have noticed in this covid19 pandemic crisis.

•    It will be a total injustice to various Doctors serving under NHM/NSACS for many years, in fact who are the backbone of the Dept.

•    Let them clear NPSC exam

•    Injustice  

•    Not given equal opportunity to all the doctors to appear for the interview

•    The mental gymnastics required to agree to this is just bollocks! This is totally unfair and unjust!
    Imagine working under contract basis for years only to see some inexperienced, newly graduates (maybe some from abroad) coming and getting handed out regularised jobs in the HEALTH sector (which deals with human lives believe it or not). This is just absurd!

•    If the Government was serious about increasing the manpower of our State Health Department, they could always do it fairly by advertising these posts after the pandemic. That way everyone gets an equal opportunity. During the pandemic recruitment on contingency -basis is understandable because there is shortage of human resources, but taking advantage of a pandemic to bypass all rules is completely unacceptable. 1. Posts were advertised with NO RIGHTS  for regulisation.1 year contracts with no extension 2. Politicians knows his kid won't get through state exam so he gets his kid to join the advertised posts 3. Regularize the post and now his kid has a government job 4. e z backdoor ez profit

•    I vote "NO". All class one gazetted officer posts must be recruited and regularised through NPSC only. That's the only fair means. Let contractual basis stay as it is for the time being.

•    No... with the laid down rules, judgment was clouded and many who wanted to serve opted out. When the news was disclosed it had already changed its rules before anyone could think again. No doubt Selfless people turned up to help but there was no transparency in the whole process. The regularisation of the new appointees makes the service of those who are still under contract , have served for longer and have not been regularised look like mockery.

•    NO And why the government is rushing to regularize the 27 MO who were appointed just 2 weeks ago.. ??? I support neither the NHM nor the 27 MO to get regularize. Unless it was a pre-planned to regularize the 27 MO soon after appointment not following the set rules which is a contractual job for 12 months than there shouldn't be a problem even for the 27 MO when anybody talks about this matter. Nobody is in a rush, why the government is then?? If there's a need/vacate for regular MO then do it through open and fair exams through NPSC that way everybody of them will get an equal opportunity.

•    No. This is right thinking of the government to fill the demands but wrong implementation. The contract should stay contract.

•    I totally oppose the decision of government. How can one take a joy ride in the name of COVID 19 pandemic. NHM and every right thinking citizens have every right to oppose this decision over govt. "How can late comers eat up the fish, when the others before them are still busy pumping out water from the pond?"

•    No, I don’t support the Government of Nagaland. Any exam of medical officer has to go through the NPSC exam. Everyone must be given equal opportunity and the most deserving candidate through NPSC has to be offered the seat. What advantage or privilege do these 27 doctors have over the others? This is disrespect to every healthcare professional and to the Nagas in general.

•    No. Relaxation will lead to chaos later. Don’t use COVID-19 as an excuse for such a post. When the government is contemplating on relaxing social and mass gatherings, why can’t it relax the same for an exam? As it is no candidates sit close to each other during any exams!

•    The government must revoke the cabinet decision to regularisation of the appointment. Check the advertisement in the newspaper, it was for contractual appointment for one year. Government of Nagaland is not your private property where you can do as you wish.

•    NO... And all the public must support the NHM staffs

•    No, big no... The first privilege/priority should give to those government contract doctors and nurses who serve from before...

•    No there should be equal opportunity for all.

•    No. Why should NPSC be made a joke

•    No. COVID is here to stay endlessly. Conduct NPSC for all class 1 gazetted posts.

•    No... Why not other similar situated cases to be consider


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    The Appointments should be free fair and transparent without any ill motive. Also, it should not overburden the GoN financial Burdens. The rest together we shall overcome against Coronavirus.

•    The NHM officers and staff have been rendering their duties, they should be given chance on priority basis. At the same time, appointment of professional in medical line also may be made according to the requirements of present condition, as the world is battling for pandemic. A suggestion please.

•    This was brought in just because there are some children of influential person on the list. If someone is out there to hire someone and finish off these thugs, I want to contribute.