Do you think the 3 days institutional quarantine followed by home quarantine is fail-safe? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Because at home no one will be serious and I don’t think anyone will follow distances between them.

•    If the person is found negative, then it is justified PROVIDED s/he has own washroom /toilet etc separate from rest of household. The rest of the family members should also keep to themselves during this period.

•    Because the symptoms are not shown immediately.

•    We know it is asymptomatic, some cases we know them by 40 days.

•    Only for persons coming from Green and orange zones. 

•    It is much safer than being in a "quarantine" facility which does not provide nutritious food, basic hygiene necessities, enforce social distancing. It’s a hell hole trust me! Rather be in my home with my family has much better quarantine facilities!


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    When the state was in green zone, the state government makes people to be quarantined for 21 days and when people from red zone started entered, keeping only 3 days of quarantine is just another level of stupidity. This one stupid decision is going to make life of people in Nagaland at terrible risk.

•    It can't be safe... It cannot be detected even after 14 days than just in 3 days how can they detect weather we are infected or not...? As I'm one of the quarantine member in Kohima so I would like to put forth this request to whoever is responsible for looking after quarantine center in Kohima… Food is not hygienic and people are not maintaining social distancing and also quarantine people serve food to fellow quarantined people which are completely not safe... Moreover, we were not screened even once after reaching Nagaland especially those people who were sent to Kohima quarantine center.... So I would like to ask you all what is your opinion regarding this? Now after all that had happened we really feel that we are not safe... No organization/department is inspecting on quarantine people.

•    Yes fail. It's a freaking fail. Assam and Meghalaya already got positive cases from returnees. So if Nagaland Government. Is thinking no cases will turn up than do vote for Government. For money in Coming Elections. 

•    It's a fail. The worst decision the government is making. It's like sending them for community spreading. God save Nagaland.

•    Total fail! What is the government even thinking? 3 days quarantine is a big hell of a joke and it's just playing with the lives of the public. CORONA won't see if people are rich or poor

•    Big 'NO'. As much as we care and welcome our stranded returnees it’s also a very huge responsibility and following these protocol - 14 days institutional quarantine, 14 days home quarantine to be the best and safest measures at the moment [unprepared medical infrastructures] No compromise , any negligence could jeopardize the whole Naga nation "Leave no stone unturned" 

•    Proper arrangements should have been made by the Government prior hand. Letting them home quarantine is welcoming virus into our homes. Because we never know what may. Anything can happen at this point of time. And we should not take any chances any risk. It's a burden too thousands of our brothers and sisters coming back home at one go, but ways and means should be made out whatsoever...and take no chances.

•    Untill and unless educational institutions and churches come forward to accommodate the returnees. It seems quite impossible to accommodate all at once for too long. Everyone should be ready to shoulder the burden and give a helping hand in every way possible. It's a pandemic and it's every individual fight.

•    We should learn from other state drawbacks. 21 days quarantine should be a must. We public should also be responsible and be obedient. The future lies in our hands.

•    Why can't the Government be a little serious? The idea of 3 days quarantine is as stupid as they are. Imagine that person happen to have COVID-19 but is released after 3 days so he/she think she is not ill and goes around meeting her family, cousins, church seniors or her neighbouring shopkeepers.

•    14 days quarantine should be compulsory.

•    This is wrong; the government shouldn’t be guessing or planning programs to tackle the disease politically anymore, budgeting the life of the innocent. I'm not saying the government is stingy, but it is high time to spend on quarantine and isolation facilities, even more, for all coming in, because at this time the chance or risk of this very pandemic among us is eminent. And I strongly opposed home quarantine program, even for most experts and experience medicals at home, as the rest (general) don't even have glove or mask, forget about sanitizer spray or PPE suit, not enough food, so anyone can guess why home quarantine is directly bypassing the last defense line and compromising it's safety. At this current stage - quarantine, isolation and testing (at highest level) is our last line of defense. And to directly break that only line of defense by the government "publicly" I mean blood should be on their head, just in case. And to the sleeping church bodies.

•    21 days quarantined should be must whether from green, orange or red zone. And I think it'll be better if the people coming from different states should be quarantined in different place (like example, people coming from Delhi should be quarantined in one place). Sometimes, I think the government is like illiterate/ uneducated person.

•    The State government has failed here. The Government has to do more than ever before while the Community and public needs to actively engage in measures ensuring social distancing. The Government will give directives and orders at the same time assist or aid but the people are the ones implementing it and living it. It is our equally responsibility. More than ever we need help from everyone and ought to help others too. It is time to make and show love. It is this Pandemic that we will see the goodness of people and God's love and patience.

•    This absolute stupidity shows the lacking of knowledge and wisdom of our dear avaricious leaders. It's been proven that Corona is incurable (present) and it's been transmitting from those people who are found to be cured. Nagaland government and leader as a team need to clear out the cow dung inside their avaricious minds and do something beneficial and productive. The government leaders should be quarantined and teach some basic knowledge of wellbeing: "money is evil”.

•    I don't think so, as we humans tend to be very flexible and careless regardless of what’s waiting infront of us even after knowing the consequences. So I think 14 days institutional quarantine is the best and safest thing for all if we want to stop the spread of this virus.

•    No matter from which zone or state people are coming from it will be unwise of the government to take such risk of only 3 days quarantine.

•    Not at all. Trying to make things shortcut will cost us in the long run. Prevention is better than cure. Save one and save all or left one alone and everyone suffer. The authority should think carefully and decide well for the people

•    If GON is not in a position to accommodate all the returnees village people to arrange quarantine centre at their places which some have already arranged.

•    Definitely No. It will also be wiser to distinguish the quarantine centres based on date of arrival and Zone wise.

•    No. 14-day institutional quarantine is a must. Please plan pragmatic policies. There are parents who will be receiving two or more children but don't have a home with two-three extra rooms with attached toilet or bathroom.

•    A big NO! It will cost the entire population of Nagaland. Watch and learn atleast from the neighbouring state, Meghalaya. They are doing an incredible job. Hats off to Conrad and his team

•    The question is now. Why they are not quarantine in allotted quarantine facility in Dimapur? Government said 70% in Dimapur and 30% in Kohima will be sent in government facility Quarantine, clearly mentioned and published this plan but why they have sent to respective district? District administration and Respective District CSOs should not accept this hidden dirty policies/Strategy.

•    No way would this be safe because as reported, the virus can remain dormant for even more than 20-25 days in some cases which simply mean that our system will be a total waste of time and money only. Instead of the revised 3 day institutional quarantine followed by 14 days home quarantine (for green & orange zone returnees with asymptomatic case), the authority should reconsider the case in question before it becomes a catastrophe both in terms of loss of life and money.

•    No. This will fail miserably. Many will fail in their Commitment and Discipline of home quarantine. I’m afraid with the casual way of our people. The parent’s love for the children will be another way around to fail in maintaining the quarantine at home.

•    Why even bother? We don't have proper infrastructure or tools or medical professionals and we are thinking of accepting this? Please it will be a catastrophe and murder too of our people if any quarantine safety rules are bent. 

•    When even developed countries with their high technology and resources are unable to cope with it, how can we, with limited everything...can assume that home quarantine can tackle it successfully, it's a big flop plan.

•    This is not a wise step. Even the 14 days should be carried out in a very strict way with regular monitoring of health assessment.

•    Unpredictable. Now anything can happen. Failed terribly. It's a disgrace and gone case.

•    I think our government may not be well equipped.

•    Because the minimum period of incubation of COVID 19 is about 20 days.

•    How can one be sure that home quarantine will be safe for a person specially belonging to middle class family? As we are all well aware that not every family have personal bathroom like in those rich houses. They will end up using the same bathroom which can cause in the spread of the disease. Not only that, there are so many such problems. The government should consider the problems of those people including me of course, and let the quarantine process be completed in an institution instead of being careless enough to send so many people home after only 3 days.

•    That is not good enough to know the effect.

•    In the case of COVID-19 such fail-safe procedure will not work. For some reason most of us lack self discipline when it comes to social distancing and next to nothing on sanitation. Home quarantine would make the above mention throw out the window the little self restrain we have without an at-hand form of imposing authority by a competent authority. Only institutional quarantine can provide such remedy.

•    Many people specially from rural area lack awareness about the pandemic so home quarantine is not safe at all, instead it will lead to disaster.

•    Because some people will be carrier of virus it will not show up soon.

•    Institutional Quarantine should be increased to 28 days atleast and Home quarantine is impossible to be followed by the people. As simple as that.

•    We welcome all our fellow brothers and sisters from outside our state. Yet with the nepotism culture so prevalent in our society,  the rich and powerful will even break quarantine norms and go home risking everyone at large, whereas the average and marginal section of the society will be made scapegoats and compulsorily facility quarantined.  The question of 3 day quarantine is not enough we need to be very vigilant and careful in handling this issue, as unlike other states we are very ill equipped to handle a real spread of COVID, once our fellow Nagas are home quarantine we all know how are family will relax every norms and endanger everyone especially the asymptomatic carriers, after that there is no turning back. Rather what we can do is: Institutional quarantine should be made compulsory keeping in mind the zones of returnees based on green, orange and red zones, Irrespective of whether a returnee has any symptoms or not, all returnees should be mandatorily tested for COVID because in the current scenario, the entry point for virus is highest through them and once we can contain them in the facility less complexity will be involved in tracing contacts, blaming X, Y, Z etc later.. Prevention and nipping in the bud is the need of the hour.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    Blood samples collection is the best solutions...

•    I think it’s unsafe but we all need to keep our stomach full, so I think people should take this matter seriously and always maintain social distancing plus wear mask and also gloves...!

•    Depends on the person because you can't expect everyone to follow it perfectly as there are myths and other factors to account for like population density around and likes. so though it fails sometimes but its only thing to do till vaccines arrive.

•    Why do scientific matters have to be decided by public vote of non scientists?


On May 18 (two days after the poll was put up in public domain), the Nagaland Government modified the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for persons entering the state, making it mandatory for returnees to undergo 14 days mandatory institutional quarantine at designated centres followed by 14 days mandatory Home Quarantine.