Dotting the roadside with plants: Here’s how Kohima citizens are showing the way

Morung Express news 
Kohima | July 19 

In Kohima town’s busy circular Phoolbari, two women placed planters brimming with green foliage outside the Viliethie shopping complex a few days back. And just like a snow-ball effect, the very next day, two men came to contribute around 15 big pots of evergreen foliage at Kohima Municipal Office. 

Soon, several potted plants were seen strategically placed beside the road and pathways around the vicinity. 

While the sight of plants dotting the roadside or shops in Kohima are not uncommon, a KMC official described the recent spurt of activity as a “mighty boost and a huge add on to the green line.”

The official told The Morung Express that in the past, a few beautifying projects or funds were implemented. However, this new initiative was not a KMC initiative. 

Till Sunday, 10 more potted plants were placed along the roadside.

“This surely is going to be an unprecedented attempt but if all citizens chip in, we can place potted plants and flowers all along the city roads, from the southern till the northern end,” the official said. 

As citizens continue to contribute, the officer suggested that “maintenance can be shared, delegated and some stretches can even be adopted by willing benefactors.” 

Caring for the plants and its sustenance, the official said, can help exemplify our role as good, well-informed and conscious citizens of the community.

 “As the pots on the roadside increase, anyone can come forward and contribute by either directly dropping it at KMC office or continue in their strategic placement if one sees an end,” the officer said.

On hearing about the voluntary initiative, an environmentally conscious person told this newspaper that these plants would not only beautify the city, but help in combating dust pollution as well as increasing the green in the environs.

While the Coronavirus pandemic has helped people at home this year, she said it has also helped her in stay connected with nature. 

“Most of the time I am in the vegetable garden or weeding my potted plants,” she said.

Meanwhile, she also underscored the importance of keeping the plants alive. “Take care of them if you are in the vicinity by not taking away, not spitting on them or uprooting them.”